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... I went through several periods of anxiety and insomnia. For the anxiety, I found great relief by talking about my fears with a therapist. This therapist also used hypnosis to bring me back to "center". For the insomnia, I started working out at a 24-hour gym. Whenever I woke up and could not get back to sleep, I'd just jump in the car and drive to the gym... do something... (11 replies)
... Hey, that PSA of .46 sounds great. Sounds like you really responded to the Cipro. If the urologist concludes, after your examination, that this last event was most likely an infection, you might be wise to discuss the various ways to minimize the risk of infection in the future. (11 replies)
... A follow-up to my previous post. My lab results came back yesterday and everything looked normal according to my doctor. PSA = .46, CBC normal, urinalysis normal. So that has me breathing easier. Next up is the urologist appointment next week. No idea what he'll find, but it seems like things are moving forward. (11 replies)

... I agree wholeheartedly concerning the pain and ones fevered imagination..... ... (5 replies)
... All of us who have been dealing with prostate cancer can envision the stress you are under. ... (5 replies)
... Also had a consultation with private consultant from the clinic who are specialists in prostate health and problems. 40 minute consultation and DRE and he tells me "No Cancer"....."Great" I thought and skipped off..... ... (5 replies)
... Two weeks ago we thought my husband was perfectly healthy. He woke up with groin pain and we went to the ER, where they found swollen lymph nodes. They biopsied the lymph nodes. ... (33 replies)
Hopefully Nothing
Jun 27, 2012
... the gun here. But here is my story. My husband of 45 has been having physicals every 6 months for about two years now. He was told the last three visits that his prostate was slightly enlarged. But was told it was normal for his age. On his last appointment, she stated that she felt nodules and sent him to a urologist. ... (4 replies)
... months" needs to be understood in historical context, which is vital in dealing with prostate cancer. Dr. ... (46 replies)
... life is precious so you are not over reacting, wish you well :angel: (17 replies)
... Not to be a panic case, my wife and friends are on me to get checked. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at 46 with a gleason of 9, was treated with HIFU and all has been good, PSA of 0. ... (17 replies)
... Hi Candy, You and your family are going through a very rough patch, one of those times that is so hard to see through. It's hard, sometimes impossible, to know whether to keep fighting or to just relax and accept the course of developments without trying to change them. Maybe prayers are best at this point.I'll insert some thoughts in green on both sides of the matter. I... (7 replies)
... I'm sorry your dad had such a rough introduction to prostate cancer. As "got" suggested, there is a realistic basis for optimism, though obviously your dad is facing challenging circumstances. ... (46 replies)
... Hi Vinudev, I responded to some of the same concerns to Goelfamily in a post earlier today, so please take a look at that thread. I'll make some additional comments in green below. As always, remember that I have had no enrolled medical education and am just passing on my impressions after being on intermittent hormonal blockade therapy for a challenging case for over ten... (4 replies)
It could spread?
Apr 15, 2009
... It sounds like you haven't been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. You're getting way ahead of yourself and probably much unnecessary anxiety. ... (5 replies)
... I wish you the best in dealing with your case at this key juncture. I was fortunate to run into a surgeon who was substandard in approaching prostate cancer at the very beginning. ... (6 replies)
... I'm sorry your husband is going though bone pain and that you both are suffering from anxiety about a possible downward course from here. ... (1 replies)
... it's been cold and he can't get outside, and I think that sometimes intensifies pain, or at least dwelling on pain. He only takes arthritis strength Tylenol for pain and doesn't abuse it. He's just tough. ... (9 replies)
... A friend sent me this site due to my having concerns about my "quality of life" recovery after Prostate Cancer Surgery. ... (0 replies)
... Hi. I have a question that maybe someone here can answer as I don't know much about prostate cancer spreading. ... (3 replies)

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