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... and had the cancer in two of the twelve needle sticks into the gland. After exhaustive research, I'm doing the robotic laproscopic procedure in the Los Angeles area at the City of Hope National Cancer. ... (7 replies)
... vetteloverpa-Do you own a vette? Interestingly, at age 46 my PSA was 4.6, Gleason was 6 (3+3), free pSA 14, stage T1C, one microscopic needle sample positive out of 6 samples. Because of my age(3 years ago) I chose the radical retropubic prostatectomy. Far easier to do this first & radiation later than vice versa. By taking the gland out the pathologists were actually able to... (7 replies)
... At the time of my surgery, laproscopic surgery was in the early stages and I wanted them to be able to see better by opening me up. I wouldn't know now if that was necessary. ... (7 replies)

... Hi tm and welcome to our Board! :wave: I'm sorry you got one of the short straws, but there is a lot that can be done these days for someone in your situation! :cool: Unfortunately, your doctor appears not to have the expertise needed to take you on this next part of the journey. (Don't feel too bad or lonely; this is, unfortunately, not that uncommon.) I'll insert some... (3 replies)
... in year. My PSA was 17. I was shocked to find out I had prostate cancer and upon the results of the biopsy, learned my gleason score was 8. I elected to have laproscopic robotic surgery to remove the prostate, which seemingly went well. ... (3 replies)
Recovery time
Jun 24, 2005
... Perfect topic for those of us who have had procedures during the last couple of months. A couple of guys had the standard "open" RRP, a couple had the laproscopic prostatectomy, and three of us had the daVinci robotic assisted surgery. ... (18 replies)
... GR8HARE and VETTELOVERPA, I just had the robotic procedure at The City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, CA on April 5th. My surgeon, Dr. Mark Kawachi, is the guy to have do it. Period. If you can't get him, then his partner, Dr. Wilson, is also top-notch. I was in surgery for 2:15 min. and was walking that night! Yeah, it really hurt on that first walk, but I was... (7 replies)
... Wow!!! So many guys out there going through the same things--!!! All of us taking the same route more or less. To take it out or fry it and keep it in, that's the big question. For me, age 56, PSA 4.8, Gleason 6 (3+3) on 4 of 12 needles, and pathologist, surgeon & radiation guys all agree it not likely to have escaped the capsule yet. As someone said, advantages and... (7 replies)
... I'm going to echo what previous posters have said. I had RRP at 47, 14 months ago. Despite continuing problems with ED (no problem with incontinence) I have had no reason to question the decision. Two factors convinced me. Radiation can always be done later should the surgery fail to eliminate all cancer. But surgery can rarely be done successfully after radiation... (7 replies)
... I was faced with a similar situation almost three years ago. I chose to have the nerve sparing radical surgury. I too had an early diagnosis and the cancer had not spread. I went the surgury route as if by a slim chance I have problems in the future then further treatment can be taken.. ie chemotherapy, injections etc. I don't know your age etc but if you are still... (7 replies)
... I am a 58 year old, happily married guy from Central PA. I was recently diagnosed with a T1C stage prostate cancer with a PSA of 4.9, Gleason score of 6, and a free PSA of 18%. My biopsy showed cancer cells in one out of 12 needles. It was reviewed at the local pathology lab and then sent to Johns Hopkins for a second opinion. They confirmed the results. I've been... (7 replies)
... I am 51 and had the radical prostatectomy on 5/13/2004. I know there are a lot of treatment options out there. I chose surgery to get it out and hope I get the 40 yrs I expected before the diagnosis. The surgery is no picnic but the recovery was better than I expected. I had the catheter for 3 weeks. The catheter was the worst part of the whole process. I have no signs of... (10 replies)
... My highly regarded urologist did not do laproscopic and he did not recommend it. Better to see first hand he said and I agreed. ... (8 replies)
... I had a traditional retropublic prostatectomy, though I learned a bit about the laproscopic procedure first. Unfortunately it was unavailable anywhere near where I live and the cost was out of the question for me. ... (8 replies)
Any Thoughts
Sep 15, 2017
... Hi again Pat, If you are interested in trying further research on your candidate doctors, there's another step you can take that is sometimes productive: check their publication records in, a US government website that captures papers published in medical journals all around the world, with translations of at least abstracts of the papers (if the paper has an... (17 replies)
... was diagnosed on Oct 1 with Gleasons 7, T1C. We wee advised by his doctor that a radical Prostatectomy is the only thing he should consider as he will most likely not be cured through chemo or with the seeds. ... (8 replies)
... Been following your posts... Congratulations! Best wishes for a 100 percent recovery! :) (23 replies)
Time off from work
Jun 27, 2007
... I just had Laproscopic radical prostatectomy last Tuesday and was out of the hospital by Thursday morning. ... (7 replies)
... A partial prostatectomy was a bit wishful thinking. When I asked the surgeon about this, he said that it wasn't worth the chance of leaving any cancer. I certainly agreed with that. ... (23 replies)
... my specific needs are to either have laproscopic surgery or to do the "Active Surveillance". I may be intellectualizing this too much. I am now looking into the specific grade 3 cell activity. ... (2 replies)

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