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... it was a cure all. O YA RIGHT i thought God Bless Her anyway the paper was talking about this country has the least men with prostate cancer in the world, next to nil. ... (13 replies)
... Very curious, since orgasams are understood to have nothing to do with the prostate. (a fact to which I can bear personal witness) I will be following your thread. Good luck. Scott (19 replies)
... st positive to know if the cancer is there. Second line of monitoring is the PSAs with your early age the methods can only improve. Best wishes to you and remain prostate healthy. ... (19 replies)

... st hand account of your experience with capsaicin. Capsaicin is something I might try at some point for myself, especially since it appears to work against both prostate cancer that is dependent on androgens for fuel and also with prostate cancer that is no longer dependent on an abundant supply of androgens. ... (19 replies)
... are there more extensive was to image the prostate to verify what we've found so far, frequency of PSA tests, etc. ... (19 replies)
... Hi Haydnlover, I have to admit if i were at your shoes finding about that study i would have done the same experiment before rushing into any other treatment decision ,and i must also point out that in my general nature i am skeptical about nutritional treatments for deseases as Able5 and others, and as i have mentioned before , a freind of mine suggested to change my diet... (19 replies)
... that found the treatment was efficacious, albeit on an animal model. The facts are that capsaicin caused cancer cells to commit suicide in mice raised with human prostate cancer, that is not a theory but the published results of a rigorous scientific study. ... (19 replies)
... Don't get me wrong-- I'm a sceptic too. But with PSA checks every three months, at least there's a realistic approach to all this. Thinking about it some more though, I'd get another biopsy in the near term, rather than waiting a year. It's always possible that the course of action chosen has led to a suppression of PSA as opposed to a "cure". (19 replies)
... y practical experience and observation rather than theory. That's probably why I chose surgery as my treatment. As for me, the jury is still deliberating on this pepper theory. I feel the same way about nutrician in general. ... (19 replies)
... my uros comment after reading the path report for my prostate after my surgery "I am surprised we even found the cancer with the biopsy." You see, the tumors were quite small and he was amazed that he had actually nipped the tumors because of that. A negative biop does not mean no cancer, it means no cancer detected from that biopsy. While not trying to totally... (19 replies)
... I was strongly urged to have the prostate removed immediately. ... (19 replies)
... From what I am aware a good preventative and who knows maybe even a curative measure for PC is lycopene. Many years ago an Italian friend of mine who is also a chef told me that Italian men suffer very little from PC (that last fact is unverified btw) due to the national consumption of cooked tomatoes used in their national cuisine. I have read that many other cancers can... (6 replies)
Cryosurgery Advice
Oct 23, 2012
... the liver. The liver eliminates it almost totally on the first pass from the digestive tract and it is excreted before it can get to the prostate cells where it might do some good. ... (7 replies)
... In general, heart healthy is prostate healthy. ... (33 replies)
Another newbie
Jun 22, 2012
... Hello everyone! I have been lurking on this site for several years and finally managed to join. I would like to thank all the active members for the invaluable information provided here, some of which we have acted upon. My husband was diagnosed in 2009 with a Gleason 7, PSA 15. Failed IMRT, his nadir was 1.9 and within 3 months jumped to over 3. We immediately began... (4 replies)
... aordinary. We are made of what we eat and cancer could as well be part of some bad diet. Unfortunately, the diets much acclaimed to be good preventing or against prostate cancer have not been friendly to me. ... (31 replies)
... amount of men in the world that have prostate cancer almost nil. ... (31 replies)
... Wow! I find your story quite interesting. This is definately promising news! It's hard for many to beleive in miracles, but they happen daily, all around us, driving doctors crazy.Lol..I'm going to check our health food stores here to see if this is available! It would be worth trying for many of us. Congrads! on your recovery! Even if it's been put in remission, we've just... (19 replies)
... Thanks Jim, I applaud your extensive research - I will look at some of your citations. The studies are hard for a layman to understand but I think a reasonably intelligent person can get the gist of them, with a little help from a medical dictionary now & then. You're also right that there have been no human trails yet (unless you count my own self directed, highly... (19 replies)
... Not a problem... Thanks for the reply. Obviously, from the post you are reading, there's keen interest in your journey. Who knows, maybe clinical trials are a possibility.:( Keep posting and best wishes!:angel: (19 replies)

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