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... I am looking for people after prostatectomy and how it took you to recover from incontinence. I am only 2.5 weeks post op, wearing a depends type of protection. I realize everyone is different, just looking for an idea. (1 replies)
... I too am about 4 weeks post op. I had a cathater for 15 days, which is longer than normal. I've experienced incontinence, but it is much improved and I'm not worried about it. ... (12 replies)
... have a bit of irritation after the catheter is removed so hopefully time will fix things. I hope your recovery is going well. I'm just hanging out for my first post op PSA results! ... (2 replies)

... Today I am 4 weeks post op too! My catheter was removed about 10 days ago as well. ... (2 replies)
... Hello. I too am 4 weeks post-op today! I may get back to it today. As far as your husband's depression is concerned, I can understand it. I am not yet feeling deep depression, but I wonder if I'll ever be physically as normal as I can be. My incontenance is very minimal now with just some slight dripping mostly when I walk a lot. Laying down, sleeping, sitting is OK.... (12 replies)
... I had a radical prostatectomy procedure 4 weeks ago and have had the catheter out for about 10 days. I am experiencing slight incontinence during the day, but none at night. ... (2 replies)
... We are now almost 4 weeks post-op. We continue to have alot to be thankful for. First of all, there is still no incontinence. My husband is passing some blood in urine occasionally, which the MD said was nothing unusual. Unfortunately depression seems to have set in...My husbands tells me that the only comparison would be that of a woman having a mastectomy. He feels like... (12 replies)
... had a prostatectomy via the daVinci method and all went well. ... (1 replies)
... I have not posted to the board in some time, but wanted to provide a little information on kegels. I found a great explanation on how to do them on this board shortly after having my own RP. I had surgery in Sept 09. Here is the link: You will also find a number of very good postings about... (6 replies)
... ----------------- I learned that I might have overdone Kagel exercise. Overdoing it will cause muscle fatigue and worsen incontinence. Dr. Catalona also cautioned against too much Kagel. I am now trying to adhere to the schedule given by my urologist. Hope it will work. Incontinence will impair quality of life even if you stay home all day. (6 replies)
... the prostate was. The urologist reattached the urethra to the bladder. The chance for leakage is high. I hope time and Dr. Kegel are on my side. I am now 20 days post op. I need at least two pads a day. I try to go to pee about every 90 minutes. If I wait until I have to go I can make a mess. ... (6 replies)
... Along with so many other guys - I am looking at post RP radiation - only because my doc, Pow-Sang advised. I always said - if it comes down to radiation or chemo - I'll just do what I can with prayer, exercise and nutrition. Now that I'm in that square - I want to at least be more informed. My surgery was 6/19/09. I feel it was a successful surgery and am pleased with... (5 replies)
... Hello all. It has been a while since I posted here. It was a long hot summer, but it's over now and I'm ready to update. Recap: I had radical prostatectomy on 1/26/07. My PSA before surgery was 13.5, Gleasons 3+4=7. After surgery, the lab results showed much more involvement than showed up in the biopsies, with both halves extensively involved. The Gleasons score... (6 replies)
... My questions. Have any of you had unbearable bladder spasms, and after a week post op, then had the catheter pulled out, and all was ok? ... (12 replies)
... A friend of mine has the same situation. He was told by his oncologist that salvage radiation post radical prostatectomy was most effective when started before the PSA goes above 1.0. ... (4 replies)
... prostateC: You and I must live in a "Parallel life" I am having those same issues but I am only 43 yrs. old. 5 months and 4 days post-op. "Uro" that performed "Radical Prostatectomy" wants to give me "Harmone/Radiation Treatments" because of my PSA after post-op going from 0.27 ng/ml to 0.34 ng/ml then down to 0.32 ng/ml. I wanted to get a 2nd opinion from "Uro" at the... (4 replies)
... This is a very sad commentary regarding how informed you were by your doctor. It's a crime that you found all of this out by yourself and that the side affects of surgery were not fully explained. I was blessed to find this forum but only "after" my surgery. All of the months leading up to my procedure were filled with my own research and having a uro that made himself... (16 replies)
... Iím posting this because I couldnít find this type of information before I entered the morass. So many of my questions are about the little things -- what to expect during and after surgery, healing, recovery, and post-op issues. These seem to get lost in the discussions that focus on the big issues of I HAVE CANCER and HOW DO I GET RID OF IT. So here is a little different... (2 replies)
... Hello all, I am now 3 days shy of being 5 weeks post-op and thought I'd give an update on how things are progressing. I have several other posts that tell of my experiences both before and immediately after the surgery, as well as preparations I made at home in advance, and other tips on getting through this with a minimum of inconvenience. I've also talked about some... (1 replies)
... npatrick, Although you don't state this explicitly, I would guess that your husband is grieving the sudden and dramatic loss of sexual function that so often accompanies radical prostatectomy. For most men, this is a very depressing situation, and in that sense, depression is probably a pretty normal response. When I found out that there was a 50% chance I'd end up... (12 replies)

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