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... Hi ciorsdan and BSN100 (and welcome to the Board! :wave:), We are all somewhat in the same territory cancer wise, though mine was 18 ½ years ago now. My initial PSA was 113.6, which rose to 125 two weeks later, probably because of a mixed effect of flare from the Lupron and growth of the cancer due to what seems to have been a fairly short PSA doubling time. My... (4 replies)
... I also read in a newsletter that ProstaScint scanning, which I had had in January to detect prostate cancer metastases that were too small for detection by the CT scan, was highly accurate. ... (49 replies)
... metastases was the reason he thought that radiation would be unlikely to cure my cancer. I told him that I understood the odds, but that I was encouraged by the ProstaScint scan result that was arguably negative. He emphasized the importance of maintaining good nutrition. ... (49 replies)

... metastases" that were too small to be picked up by the bone scan ProstaScint. That could be the case for you too, which could explain that unusually high PSA soon after surgery, despite the negative scans. ... (3 replies)
... radical prostate surgery Aug 5 08, on Oct 23 08 PSA was at 16, Doc thought lab made a mistake, did another PSA on Nov 5 08 and PSA was at 18. In Nov 08 had Bone Scan that was negative for metastisizing, also had Prostascint scan that could not find any cells. After surgery it was determined that I was actually at Gleason 9. ... (3 replies)
... what if prostascint scan could not find cancer cells (3 replies)
... My fil had a prostascint scan done a couple of weeks ago. ... (0 replies)
... Atlantic center for my appointment with a radiation oncologist at 10 AM to get the results of the ProstaScint scan. This was our first appointment beyond the urology doctors. ... (49 replies)
... This day 18 years ago, February 21, 2000, was a Monday, and the next day my wife and I would go to get the results of my ProstaScint scan. With all that we had heard and learned, we both expected bad news. ... (49 replies)
... Imaging has become so far superior to what was available in 2000, and the advances would benefit me greatly in later years. However, in 2000, the ProstaScint scan at centers of excellence was at the leading edge of the art. ... (49 replies)
... he had not seen good outcomes when PSAs were over 100 in my circumstances, though he held out the slimmest of chances if the ProstaScint result were favorable. ... (49 replies)
... doubt a big player in the doctor's decision to order that ProstaScint, which was then at the leading edge of the art. I'm thinking that in view of your negative scan evidence, plus the negative DRE, the docs are thinking odds are very low for metastatic spread at this point. ... (9 replies)
... the decision making process. However, I am a little worried that some of the steps we have taken may be suboptimal. For example, my urologist did not order me a ProstaScint scan, which is far superior for detecting potential cancer spread. ... (9 replies)
... Hi John, Comparing our situations: I'll reply first about similarities and differences in our cases. I was diagnosed in December 1999 with a challenging case, though different challenging features than you have. My first ever PSA was 113.6, a DRE the next day (and by different doctors therafter) indicated a "rock hard" prostate, which was consistent with the biopsy: all... (8 replies)
... explaining the spread and what tests are used to reveal it. I hear from many patients that a bone scan was recommended. They were scared. Then relieved, but told that it could have spread to lymph nodes, but not to bones and probably not to lungs or liver. ... (6 replies)
... have tripped an alarm and you need to investigate this warning. A MRI will be useless as it does not differentiate normal tissue from prostate cancer. I had a Prostascint Scan with Fusion which is more effective. Some posters have mentioned other scans. ... (11 replies)
... cancer, 80 percent involvement with seminal vesicle invasion. Clear bone and lymph nodes via MRI, CT Scan and Prostascint scan. ... (13 replies)
... I think that they do a Prostascint Scan if they have any doubts as to whether the patient can be successfully treated. I had the scan 8 years after a failed Radical Prostatectomy so there was some doubt to my suitability for further treatment. ... (27 replies)
... A bone scan will not detect metastases in soft tissue and I believe that a MRI would only be able to detect large tumours. ... (27 replies)
... vesicles. I wonder what margins were covered by the radiation therapy and if the regional lymphs nodes were treated. Did your husband have any scans such as a Prostascint Scan with Fusion which may indicate the spread of prostate cancer particularly lymph node involvement? ... (27 replies)

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