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My ptsd
May 13, 2007
I was sexually abused as a child for many years. While the abuse was occurring, I felt helpless, like I could not do anything or say anything to stop him. Recently, I started dating a guy who started to abuse me. He would try to take my pants off, try to force himself into me, tried to get me to give him head, tried to convince me to have sex with him, and more. I was stupid enough to stay with him after all this, why? I told him I wasn't having sex until I was married and I told him no :nono: but he didn't listen. I think it triggered me into feeling helpless again. It made me feel like the little girl I was when I first got abused. Why couldn't I stop him completely? Why did I allow him to treat me like this? How can I make myself stronger? How can I have better control of my triggers? Help! :(

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