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... or my Mom who physically abused me and also through these flashbacks that started coming through, held a knife to my ear at 7 years old because I wasn't listening. If I chose neither, I could be in contempt. Who protects me? ... (3 replies)
... Most of my trauma has been childhood inscest abuse. It's not easy getting through it. ... (3 replies)
... I would have flashbacks but kind of push them down. It sounds like that is what you are doing. ... (3 replies)

... Im not sure if I'm having flashbacks or am dealing with suppressed memories from childhood abuse issues. ... (3 replies)
... just wanted to mention most likely if u suffered abuse and never dealt wit it and then u do therapy on a regular its possible ur mind is letting u deal wit remembering a lil u couldve blocked it out but talking brings out dealing with stuff so ur flashbacks could be just u coming to terms (4 replies)
... Thank your both for your replies! Brocallie, I think my trigger is just being startled awake from being asleep, although more minor flashbacks have occured in other situation where I can't determine the cause, I aggree with your advice on plowing through it! ... (4 replies)
... Hi, I don't know if I have ptsd, or really what is wrong with me. I'm 21, and I recently had what I think is a flashback, and since then have had several more mild flashbacks. At least I believe that they are flashbacks. I have other issues with sleep and eating, but the worst is my feeling really numb. I haven't cried since the first flashback, all I can do to show any... (4 replies)
... normally, in the course of normal childhood development, there are certain types of information we can assimilate into our conciousness at certain ages. ... (16 replies)
... I'm sorry that you are going through this, flashbacks and nightmares are hard to deal with. I know the feeling. ... (16 replies)
... and have had flashbacks and memories return in all sorts of ways. ... (16 replies)
... Miss Enlightened,I don't know what the school system is like where you are from but,here in bc ,canada,the school system is not designed to adequately deal with childhood abuse.All you can hope for is a teacher or a school counsellor that is really concerned and dedicated to the kids in their classroom. ... (16 replies)
... Hey,Miss Enlightened,if you are remembering(flashbacks) sexual abuse ,you were probably abused. Does your psychiatrist think you have been abused?You mentioned having dreams of friendly alein beings,this could be a coping mechanisim...a way of dealing w/ the abuse.Why are you having freakouts when people touch you now?Because you are 18 and you are blossoming, sexually,so to... (16 replies)
... I am an 18 year old female that is afraid of physical closeness from anyone. I see a psychiatrist and have dreams of friendly alien beings and flashbacks from when I was 5 with my uncle's way of 'loving' me. ... (16 replies)
... ope I can get some relief and help here. I am a 52 year old woman who was diagnosed with abuse related PTSD in 2004. I suffered with anxiety and depression since childhood and more ailments were added over the years such as chronic insomnia, panic disorder, de personalization, flashbacks, nightmares etc. ... (2 replies)
... My husband's older sister (45yo) is suffering with multiple issues that run the gamut of anxiety, OCD, panic disorder, and PTSD. For starters...she is a "hoarder"...she will not throw anything out...saves newspapers, wrappers, empty cups & containers, everything! Her room (she lives at home with her parents) has stacks of newspapers that literally climb to the ceiling. ... (3 replies)
Quick question?
Jul 9, 2007
... My childhood has a lot of holes in it. What I learn comes from flashbacks, dreams, nightmares and what others have said. This is normal for those who suffer from PTSD. ... (8 replies)
Quick question?
Jul 9, 2007
... I thought in order to be diagnosed with post traumatic stress you had to have the traumatic event blocked in your memory. It becomes recovered through those horrible flash backs. I don't remember most of my childhood. It just started comming back in flashbacks. It is completely foriegn to me. I had no memory of these things befor the flash backs. Is that how it has been for... (8 replies)
... I don't know what to think. My biggest question is, I can talk about these incidents except the childhood molestation. I do completely disassociate myself though when I do. I feel like I'm telling a story I read or something I heard... ... (15 replies)
... I answer "i'm not sure, I'm having flashbacks from my youth, it's strange. I wonder is my memory problems today are attributed? ... (10 replies)
Some help please
Jan 7, 2007
... dustoff is probably the best person to talk to as ICC pointed out, but there are also things that you can do to help with the flashbacks and anxiety. Staying grounded in the here and now and trying to face the anxiety instead of fighting it will help. ... (3 replies)

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