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... I have a huge trauma history and quite a bit of emotional abuse during childhood too. The purpose of talking about it in therapy is to process the feelings you have about your past. ... (3 replies)
... my PTSD began from emotional negligence as a child from my mother. ... (57 replies)
... I am wondering if any of you have ptsd as a result of prolonged emotional abuse, rather than an accident. ... (57 replies)

... Yeah ditto, supposedly depressed for a couple of decades, lol. You say "I currently have the "perfect life" of living in the bubble - 6 figure income, 2 beautiful, smart, healthy children, lovely house, etc...." yet you don't want your kids to see you crying. Can that be true? I ask because I was in the exact scenario some time back. I'm sure you are enjoying living in... (3 replies)
... Hello ptsdemot and welcome. :wave: I too,am a survivor of early childhood disorders;PTSD being one of them. The memories seem to stand side by side at times but even those episodes will pass....until the next one. Please realize that unresolved issues are to a person with PTSD,the same as kryptonite is to the fictional character Superman;a weakness. I'd like to... (3 replies)
... ave been kept "well" with antidepressants. Recently I went for a check in at my psychiatrist's office. He referred me to a therapist, and she diagnosed me with PTSD based on some of the things I grew up with in my family home. ... (3 replies)
... Yes, if the PTSD is not treated then the emotional problems get dumped on the kids and they grow up with major emotional problems too. ... (3 replies)
Child abuse PTSD
Jun 30, 2009
... Hello Puffy1 :wave: it certainly could be - have you seen apsychologist ? they could help wiht this - posting here can help sort things out tooo (14 replies)
Child abuse PTSD
Jun 29, 2009
... I'm 42 now, as a child I was a victim of severe physical abuse, neglect( emotional), and sexual abuse. I ran away when I was 16, I'd been planning for that day since before I was a teenager. No one has ever wanted to talk about it with me, speaking of the family members who were involved. I have flash backs often leaving me feeling like that victim again, it's very difficult... (14 replies)
... Hello, I am having a problem, I have a lot of fear in me, I just feel like crying, I am so cared of conflict, conflict bothers me so bad, and it is not even conflict, it is like just being in a natural conversation, natural chat, for instance, somebody can say Rach why you got on that color dress, my mind immediately goes into what have I done wrong, it is like a brain... (56 replies)
... a family member sexually abused me. Through the first 16 years of my life, I endured through mental, verbal, and emotional abuse. ... (3 replies)
... and then it disappeared, then I got frustrated, then emotional and then stewed in self pity and tears. It doesn't take much to get me in negative mode, but today I'm more positive, I hope. ... (57 replies)
... I am glad that you have the mind of a 25 yr old and the bod of a 52. HONEY let me tell you, the mind is shot and the bod went yrs ago on this end. Between Menopause, Mental health, PTSD, Fibro, and all the health issues I feel 153.......Damn, now my blood sugar is whacky......On time it's 65, and the next time they test it....133 So I go Sat. to do a fasting one. Might need... (57 replies)
... You are so right when you said that taking care of PTSD first and then the health problems. I am a firm believer that PTSD will cause more than just the emotional problems, and mental. I believe that it eventually destroy your body to if we don't deal with the emotional first. You really are GETTING it girl.... ... (57 replies)
... rucky in another post i n my case i have to get my mind in order first to be able to deal with the physical has not worked the other way for me. so the PTSD is my first priority right now. all else will follow when i am stronger emotionally. ... (57 replies)
... I told ICC about the friendship that I had for 20 yrs, and had to end it. He has PTSD from Vietnam, MS from agent orange, and is ssssooooo angry, and negative about everyone, and thing. ... (57 replies)
... glad we have this going and everyone understands what happening here. a group of PTSD people all at different places in their disorder and all having something to offer. God bless us all. I am truly learning from all of you that i can do this. ... (57 replies)
... first to become 7 counselors in the past 25 years. i have stopped many because maybe I didn't like what they said. my currant one and the one before her are both PTSD specialists. also alot comes with age LOL i was angry because i felt neither her or hubby were listening to me. ... (57 replies)
... morning sid----i love the fact that you're an early riser as i am .it's nice to have responses at the onset of the day. I also have been beat up on in therapy and it doesn't usually bother me. i am friends with my counselor i just love hr and the feelin gis mutual. she tells me all the time how she enjoys our "talks" BUT yesterday my husband brought the subject of my job up... (57 replies)
... thanks girls---it means alot to me to know i am on the way to recovery. i feel as if i am but kind of felt beat up on today. i'm ok now it passed fast. in trying to start over it's so difficult since i am not working and in so much pain right now. my daughter suggested groups for whateve. women in their 50's who are changing jobs, depression, PTsd, knitting for that matter. i... (57 replies)

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