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... You may have a point there, (re my sister. Not physical aggression, but verbally taunted and ridiculed as a child). I'm still waiting on my first appointment to be assessed! Childhood experiences mold a person character/personality.......and their suseptability for developing ptsd!!! happy 08 to you too and everyone else. ;) (21 replies)
... I have very few memories of childhood as well. I don't know if that is all due to the PTSD, or if I'm just wired that way. ... (21 replies)
... Memory is a funny thing and reasons why we do or do not remember something can have a wide variety of reasons attached to it. I have few memories of my past because I purposely blocked it out ...... which was the healthy choice at the time but I am paying for it now. ... (21 replies)

... I was diagnosed a while ago with PTSD....Now i'm in therapy and i'm on meds...My question is that my childhood memories i remember very few, why is that? ... (12 replies)
... Kaitlin09 :wave: Welcome if i havnt said it before - I am so sorry that you have had to go through so much - no child should have to put up with that - :angel: parents should be there to protect you not cause you harm - and you have been through so much. I have very few memories of my childhood - there was violence and SA but i mostly dont remember - lately some... (5 replies)
... my memories include that, as well as memories of sickness and hospital stays. ... (21 replies)
... I don't want to offend anyone here because I know alot of people suffer childhood abuse..........and have ptsd because of that, but that is not the case with me. ... (21 replies)
... Many people remember quite little about their childhood bar some very strong experiences, and most do not remember anything from before they began to speak. ... (7 replies)
... You mentioned having dreams of friendly alein beings,this could be a coping mechanisim... ... (16 replies)
... that I had, and as you read on you'll probably wonder why he didn't try to take me out of the environment I was living in... ... (2 replies)
Dec 15, 2008
... i want the few memories i have recovered to go back where they came from and the half memories to either come through so i can deal with them or SHOVE OFF! ... (10 replies)
... Some of you will know me, others not so. But like you MBC also suffered childhood abuse, but never told anyone. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Trg, I think that we are on the same page. Yes, you need the traumatic event to occur. I realize what you are saying, that the seeds of coping don't need to be missing from childhood to get diagnosed. I just still think that this is what is really going on. ... (21 replies)
... PTSD is very treatable unfortunately to get there it requires a lot of hard work and for alot of people pain. ... (21 replies)
... If you are truely trying to track down your childhood memories, then I hope that you find what you're looking for, and that you find out if they had anything to do with your PTSD. ... (21 replies)
... e on two separate pages here. The point I am trying to get across is to serve this reason "I do not want someone coming on here and believing they need a tragic childhood in order to get diagnosed with PTSD" as that is not how it works or the DSM reads. ... (21 replies)
... there. Many people say they had ideal childhoods when they really didn't. That phrase came out of my mouth before. I lived in a stable home, no one abused me, I was never hungry. It was "perfect". Only later did I come to understand what was missing. ... (21 replies)
... There are a lot of people who had absolutely perfect childhoods that later on developed PTSD but their PTSD is not child hood related but tied to a very stressful tragic event. ... (21 replies)
New Memories
Jan 14, 2008
... d pieces of what had happened and other people filled in the blanks and it was like opening a door and being flooded with the memory, being washed away in a tide of uncontrollable emotions I was terrified. ... (3 replies)
... Most of my childhood was unhappy with my parents fighting, but for some reason I can hardly remember things like birthdays and Christmas's. I don't konw whether I had them or not. ... (21 replies)

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