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... Hello MBC, I am experiencing these "dark days" that you mention and to be truthful, it has made me sort of a cynic. The mere fact that "Murphy's Law" (whatever can go wrong, will go wrong) exists, makes me aware that whatever is going on with me right now, at this very moment, could be much worse. It helps me to put things into perspective. Take care. (3 replies)
... and how do you handle the hypervigilence stage? ... (3 replies)
PTSD and Noise
Aug 22, 2012
... Hello kvafrank Thank you for sharing this here. It further reaffirms that we're not alone in this fight. It's true;hypervigilence does have it's advantages. It's the disadvantages that concern me. Respectfully (7 replies)

Feb 25, 2012
... Hello 00lady00, I am so tired of this hypervigilence...... It's like I need a vacation from myself. Have you tried the deep breathing or safe place imagery techniques? There's also the medicinal route to consider. (8 replies)
... hello :wave: im sorry you are going through all this - sends a hug if ok i have PTSD - and i know i tried to push everyone away from me - cos i thought i was being a pain and causing them problems - and the need to isolate is always there - maybe this is what your husband is trying to do ...i dont know for sure - but i do know people who have pushed their partners away... (2 replies)
Back Again
Feb 2, 2010
... Hello Everyone! I posted here on this board maybe a year ago after I was involved in a rollover car accident. At that time I was experiencing anxiety and flashbacks related to the accident. I really wasn't for sure if I was dealing with PTSD, but I have new symptoms that have recently shown up. I guess I am looking for some support and maybe some direction because I... (0 replies)
Please! advice!
Dec 6, 2009
... compulsive behavior. It is important to recognize hypervigilence and to try to channel that energy into constructive activities, and to find a way to rest and relax. ... (9 replies)
Will I ever be ok?
Mar 17, 2009
... Hi Zhope.:wave: your boyfriend ex? (hopefully! - sorry) sounds like a royal pain - relationships should be about supporting each other in hard times and it doesnt sound like he wanted to help at all - in a way its good that that happened as you could have wasted years to find out his true colours - sayinghe would think you weak shows more about him than you. It' not weak to... (9 replies)
... Hi kubali and welcome,:wave: its quite possible that you have ptsd considering the things you have been through - usually you have flashbacks, anxiety, nightmares, hypervigilence, depression, a loss of the sense of "safe" - there are many and varied symptoms but these are the ones that come to mind . I am sorry that you had to go through these things and hope that your... (1 replies)
... I was diagnosed 2 years ago - symptoms initially- hypervigilence,flashbacks, nightmares, jump at everything that moves, depression, anxiety, checking things over and over to make sure they are safe, shaking hands, nausea, headspins/dizziness, despair led to self harm adn suicidal ideations now - hypervigilence, anxiety, depression, still checking but not as much, everything... (56 replies)
... Hi Beth11, you have to find the one that works for you, there are lots, the first thing that helped me was finding a counsellor that I could trust, I've had cognitive behaviour therapy - that helps with the warped thought patterns - Thought field therapy - that's like acupressure, EMDR which is rapid eye movement desensitisation -and read heaps of self help books when I was... (5 replies)
Your help needed
Feb 3, 2008
... Sorry, I can't relate to the cutting, have you been to the self harm board? Hypervigilance, triggers and taking a backwards step ring very true with me over the years. It may seem like you're going backwards, but in reality, you are inching towards normality and healthy reactions. It just takes time. Be honest and open on here. This is the only place I feel I can express my... (8 replies)
Your help needed
Feb 2, 2008
... Thanks trg247 for your reply, I have made a doctors appointment as I am on anti-depressants and I guess they aren't working or I wouldn't feel this way - I am sorry that you have the same problem and have had it for so long - I hope you find something that works soon - I can see where you say it's addictive....... i have been taught coping mechanisms but they didn't work -... (8 replies)
Your help needed
Feb 1, 2008
... Since last week I have been in hypervigilence mode jumping at everynoise anxious and unable to settle - this is hard to say....... it just feels like you are full of emotions and they have no way out - I have had the urge to cut myself before but resisted it....until last night - I only scratched 3 lines on my arm to let the pain and confusion out - I know that sounds dumb,... (8 replies)
... Hi isitme, First you don't sound nutty, and if you are then so are a lot of us - me especially! :) I often do really stupid things - not as much since the EMDR though thank heavens - like holding a match in my hand and watching it burn down after I lit a candle and thinking that I would burn myself if i didn't put it out but forgetting to put it out tilll I burned... (11 replies)
... thanks Waif123 I also tell myself that I survived before so I will survive again and the relaxation tape is a good idea - I had a hypnotherapy tape but that doesn't work on me anymore - I just have to get motivated. Hi Phoenix1, I am sorry you are in the dark as well - it has helped me to know that there are others the same I don't feel quite so alone now. (dumb huh!:( ) I... (3 replies)
... Hi maybecrazy, Sounds like you are going through a tough time. I definetly get dark days, all I want to do is find a quiet place to hide. Except in my house if anyone comes to the door i jump. I handle them by just remembering that I have been in these dark periods before and I have survived them before, so there is no reason I won't survive them again. For sleeping I... (3 replies)
... Hi, I have tried TFT (thought Field Therapy) also known as EFT when I was first diagnosed with PTSD and it worked and still works to a degree when I use it - it helped take away the constant going over of events that I had been experiencing (except when I find a new trigger)- has anyone else tried it? if so did it work for you? I later had EMDR and that helped lower the... (0 replies)
... Hello scout, Hypervigilence; yes. If only I can bring myself to turn on the radio while in the car. Take care. Phoenix (2 replies)
... {REMOVED} I suffer from it as well having served two tours in Vietnam. {REMOVED} PTSD is an equal opportunity disorder that is caused by experience(s) beyond ordinary human ability to tolerate. Things such as crime victims, war veterans, sexual and physical abuse are but a few ways it occurs. To my knowledge there are some 44 characteristics unique to PTSD. Mainly... (3 replies)

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