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... I was raped several times by a group of boys when I was 4 years old. It happened at a babysitter's home. My family has never laid a hand on me in an inappropriate way. ... (40 replies)
... That shoulder is VERY important. You've already been of great help to me. You have plenty to offer and have. I'm cold on the outside, but not on the inside. Your hugs are welcome here. Thanks for being there. ... (40 replies)
... i will not make light of this situation since i am the direct opposite. being the "old italian grandmother" I am a hugger, kisser, and pincher of all chubby cheeks. ... (40 replies)

... Ok, well this is my theory....I could be way off here but. I think that the reason you don't want to be touched by any member of your family is simply this.....They were the ones that were supposed to protect you and they didn't. ... (40 replies)
I can't do TODAY
Dec 8, 2008
... I just can't face the world. I want to just hide, to not be touched, to hurt myself, to cry....I can't go out in public in the messy case I I guess I won't....I hate it that I'm like this though...I'd so like to be normal.... ... (7 replies)
... Really, i hate that! Hopefully you will be able a good night sleep tonight! How are you feeling otherwise? ... (12 replies)
... I'm not ready for any kind of relationship right now, and may never want to make a commitment. But the thought that I'll never be able to put everything together is dark and discouraging. It's not normal to like guys, but only want to be touched by a girl. To be used, abused. Girls are safe. ... (137 replies)
... things are nt they lol,i could never walk past any of my children,i often just look at them and think how could anyone hurt kids or treat them bad, yes from time to time they test our patience but hey thats part of the learning circle, they have feelings too so why say hurtful things to them etc. ... (40 replies)
... I don't know that i ever hated my mother. i think the problem was i really loved her and that's why her distance from me emotionally and her rejection of me hurt so much. ... (40 replies)
... i feel blessed to have had my Dad. imagine where i'd be right now without his love and guidance. i'd be alot worse off then i am. thanks for your kind words. it's been rough and you all know but it's time i went on. ... (40 replies)
... ICC im so very sorry to read about your sister and your child, my thoughts are with you. ... (40 replies)
... i can't explain what goes on in a parents mind though i wish i at least understood. My mother made it clear that "your first born is the most special" well i'm sure you know i was the youngest of only 2 so it wasn't me. ... (40 replies)
... I took two people to create a child. If one cannot uphold their part of the "responsibility" then the other should, if the person is able. ... (40 replies)
... dear forthemasses, thank you for your reply, its so nice to know there are some decent men out there. ... (40 replies)
... and we will talk somemore then. I understand what you're saying but so many innocent people are hurt at the expense of investigations and others are never exposed. ... (40 replies)
... At this point, I hope that I am not coming off as lecturing because I am sure that you already know what I have previously stated. ... (40 replies)
... it is becoming obvious why you come out and go back in. in addition to past trauama and hurts you being the kind gentle man you are it must tear you up to be accused of hurting your precious daughter in anyway. I don't know why people have that stigma that men can't raise children alone without some sort of abuse. ... (40 replies)
... Most of the time I hate being touched, too. ... (40 replies)
New & Scared
Aug 18, 2008
... Hi Warata, I read your post and it sounds just like me. As for taking so long to realise that you were not well, rather late than never, cos now you have a chance of overcoming this and living the happy life that you deserve. ... (21 replies)
... Thanks so much for taking the time to lay it on the table like that. ... (137 replies)

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