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... Hope everyone is feeling fine and ain't too triggery today. ... (9 replies)
... Hi Guys, **venting as usual** I went for a pdoc appointment on Tuesday and since then i've not been myself. Everything seems to trigger me off at the moment, i feel overly triggery. I've not had 1 proper nights sleep for over a week because i can't seem to switch my brain off when i get in bed :eek: and to top it all off when i do fall asleep all i dream of is my ex and the... (9 replies)
... Thanks, sorry youa re feeling triggery too (hugs) hope the CBT works for you (32 replies)

... glad you are feeling better - yeah!!!!!!:) take care MBC :wave: (9 replies)
... I hope everything works out for the best for you! ((( Hugs ))) Please keep us updated on your progress. I'm thinkin' about ya ... just been real busy lately and haven't had a chance to get on! (9 replies)
... Hope you get some sleep - take care MBC (9 replies)
... thanks for the great sleeping tips MBC, i'll certainly be trying them tonight :D i'll keep you posted on how these meds are treating me all the best ((hugs)) (9 replies)
... glad you got some meds - hope they help - heres a tip for the heat and sleeping - if you dont have air con and I dont :( a fan by the bed helps and then one of those plant water spray bottles on a fine mist - spray it into the wind from the fan and it helps you get back to sleep - and this one may sound crazy but hot water bottles filled with ice water help too. Hope you... (9 replies)
... Hi guys, Thanks for your replies, I havent managed to sleep properly yet but i'm not sure if thats to do with the PTSD or with the heatwave we are having over here at the moment. Went and seen doc this morning and he put me on Citalopram 20mg, already took my first tablet so we see how it goes :) Thanks for the kind words peaches09, i needed that :) will keep you... (9 replies)
... How did you go? are you getting any sleep yet? MBC (9 replies)
... its hard to deal with things when you are triggery - if possible i try to take myself away from the person who is making me angry if there is no cause or if I am not able to handle it at the time - then when I am calm I will discuss it with them - can you discuss it with your teacher ? Hows your dog going? I hope the meds have kicked in and she feels great! MBC (4 replies)
... ((( Hugs ))) Vent all you want girl, that is why we are here. I am so sorry hon! I hope your Dr. is able to prescribe you something that will work, or at least aid in controlling some of the things you are going through. What type(s) of meds are you seeking? (depression, bipolar type, anxiety, etc) It all kind of ties in together but everyone is different. Some have all... (9 replies)
... ok - im a bit - out there today - triggery - so i will try to make some sense! ;) first the ocd thing I got that after getting ptsd - it has got a lot better since i have been seeing a therapist - so there is hope :) EMDR - ive done that and it was very helpful - you think about the prob and the emotions - and do eye movements - it sounds strange but it helped me I... (5 replies)
... T was /is brilliant :D I am sooooooo happy I went back to him :D I saw him in june last year and then he got sick :( so I had to get another T - but he is in remission and he agreed to see me again and he has done more for me in 1 one hour session than the last T did in 9 months :D He doesnt think I am dirty or soiled - he thinks I was a child an innocent victim and it... (32 replies)
... Hi MBC hun, A T isn't there to judge you or think about in as dirty or soiled, they are there to listen and help you work through your issues slowly. You ain't a dirty soiled person, i've never met u irl but on these boards you are the most kind considerate person i've met and i certain wish u all the luck in the world with the new T **fingers crossed for you** All... (32 replies)
... Hello MBC: The most important thing at this point is that the therapist know your history. They are not there to judge you but to help. Remember that you are receiving therapy to help with quality of life issues not because you have to but because you want better for yourself. Take care. Respectfully, Phoenix (32 replies)
... i am seeing a Therapist shortly and though they know I was SA - they do not know the details - and it may be that we have to discuss this - I am so worried/scared....terrified - that they will see me as soiled, - dirty - the way I see myself - and hate the child it happened to ... and I am woried they will be disgusted with me and not want to see me... (32 replies)
... thankyou Phoenix... I really needed a reply - thankyou I am still quite wired.... I should have done more - but I dont know what else I could have done... I did all I could. I saw my psychiatrist today and he has helped me calm down a bit - so thats good - and he is going to see me next weekend - instead of two weeks time so that is good too . I am trying to focus on... (32 replies)
... Hello MBC: Crying is not necessarily the worse thing at this point. You are identifying specific emotions with events. Try to accentuate the positives here: you made an appointment with at T, which means that you are taking responsibility for your life and its' quality. I have followed your posts for a while and am proud of you; no matter how you feel, you post.... (32 replies)
... m ade appt with T 1st June - pdoc today - thank heavens somthing bad happened yesterday - cried for first time in long time ..years... rang an emergency help line but they couldnt help me - just said it was sad... that didnt help.... really need some support - really need to know I am not alone... if anyones out there please talk to me.. (32 replies)

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