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[QUOTE=~charlotte08~]I'm the type of gurl that always needs a guy in her life. I go from one guy to another so I won't have to suffer months for a guy. I do think about school and college. I know I'm so young, but I love the feeling of love. [/QUOTE]

Wow! That sounds like my sister to a T! She has never, and I mean never, been alone. With each marriage came divorce. All her husbands cheated on her. She's now living with a guy (common law married) whom she hates. She been with him for 15 or 16 years and he cheats, uses drugs, and treats her like dirt. She's been so dependent on men for so long that she finds it impossible to be by herself. She'd rather be miserable than alone. How sad.

Do you see the same pattern beginning to form in yourself? Granted, you're much younger than my sister, but my sister began this self-abuse at an early age - 14 to be exact. Charlotte, if you continue thinking that you have to have a bf all the time, or feeling like you need to be in love, you're possibly setting yourself up for the same lifetime of misery and sadness as my sister.

How about getting involved in a sport that you like, or some other productive activity that doesn't involve boyfriends. It could help take your mind off it and in the process, maybe even help you to grow into an independent, strong, young woman. You have to know yourself and love yourself before you can find someone who will love you in return.

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