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Kay , I have done alot of research on BPD, and now I am thinking that he may after all be Borderline.....but he doesnt hurt himself (cutting ) or anything like it.....I have mentioned to him that I think he may have this...and he is pretty pisse# with me about it......he (in the last three days, has broken up with me three times...then calls me back saying that I am the love of his life...then gets mad again and hangs up.

Is it possible to have BPD, to a lessor degree than others ? Another thing....In all the years we have been together , I think I have only heard him actually laugh , maybe two or three times, I dont think Ive ever heard him have a real knock down belly laugh....Is this something ?

Now what do I do, I dont want to throw him out like yesterdays garbage, Id like to get him some help...only he may not want to... He did say that everyday he wakes up and has to fight with his thoughts, something like that anyway.

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