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Been a long time.
Jun 4, 2007
its been a long time since I've been in a relationship. I'll be 22 in a few days.. its been 3 years since my last relationship. I love being single, I have gotten the job I want, and I'm starting on my independence. But sometimes I feel like I don't know what is going on when it comes to men. I don't know if its lack of relationships? I've been in one serious relationship, and I've had a couple other casual daters type things.

I have known this one guy for about 1.5 years. Don't know him that well though. We have had a couple hook ups, nothing major, just fun really. But hes been acting a little differently now. Considering we are in the same sport together, we have the same friends. And before, we would just say hi to each other, and be on with our games, etc. But I catch him looking my way a lot, even caught him at one point and as I looked at him, he looked away really fast. He has given me good luck hugs before tournaments, and he has complimented my talent for the sport to a friend of mine once before. Our talking has gotten a lil better too.. It has taken a long time for us to start talking on a more friends type basis. But yet we are not dating, I can't really figure out if thats what he would like and if hes just afraid to do it due to our tough time getting it started.. hes a nice/funny guy, just always seems a lil nervous around me. Maybe I'm wrong but to me these would be signs of attraction. And not just "Fun for a night" type looks either.

He knows I'm not like the other girls we hang around, and so I see he has some respect for me too. I don't know him all that well but would like to. Recently I've gone to a house party of his, he sent me an invitaton online. And we just got back from a huge tournament in another province. He hooked up with a different girl one night, she is from a different province from us, I don't care, cause we are not an item lol and hes a guy. Big whoop. But then we are in a meeting room, I arrive, we are sitting next to each other, his body is all of the sudden completely turned to me, feet stretched out in the direction of me. Hes still looking my way, and at the party he danced with the girl most slow dance songs, but everytime I danced with a guy, his eyes found me. We had to take our bands off that night, so he rips his off and playfully throws it at me. Another thing that occured was me standing in the corner talking on my cell, my friend steve looking at me calling me sexy, and asking who i'm talking to, if it was my boyfriend.. which i said no, don't have one. Then the guy i'm confused about walks up and steve tells him to say hi to me, so he does, and then they kinda smile as they turn around. I don't know what to think here, Maybe he likes me just isnt 100% ready yet to commit?

would be nice to have some feedback. Thanks! :)

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