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To my total amazement my sister called me today. She tried to act as if nothing was wrong. I really wasn't all that friendly. Then she started talking about how she shouldn't drink because she "can't hold her liquor well". :dizzy: You're just figuring this out now?????

Anyway, I agreed with her very quickly. I told her she has no business drinking. I told her that I have been very worried about her and that I am not the only one either (you wouldn't believe all the phone calls and emails I got from my aunts and cousins). She told me how when she does have a drink she wants to have only one or two and then something in her head just snaps and she can't stop.

Then conversation went on for a little bit and she finally admitted to me how unhappy she is. She said that she is not the person she thought she would be at this age (she's almost 32) and she's not with the person she thought she should be with and so on. I still can't believe she came out and said all this to me. Her and her husband have been fighting a lot because of how she is handling things with her ex-husband (and to her dismay we all agree with her husband and she hates that). It's been a very tough time for her to say the least, and I know that, but that still doesn't excuse any of what was said or done. Not surprisingly she seems to have "forgotten" various things that happened that night at the bar but she remembers the conversation she had with my father later that night when he was driving her home about her ex-husband. :rolleyes:

Long story short (way too late for that Happymom, LOL), she asked me what I thought. I told her that I think she needs help, but it doesn't matter what I think, it's up to her to figure that out. I told her that I think she really needs to seek therapy and learn how to deal with all the turmoil in her life in a more constructive manner. She is very reluctant to do that. I tried explaining to her how a therapist won't form opinions like family and friends do and how they try to help her figure out for herself what she should do. I don't know. I have put up with so much from her and now she is basicly asking me for help. I just don't have the energy to help someone who is going to fight me every step of the way.

She did say that she doesn't plan on having anything to drink at the wedding. She said that she knows if she has one she won't be able to stop and she doesn't want to do that in front of her kids again. I guess we won't know until Saturday. I would love to think it is more than just words, but I've heard so much of this before.

Thanks for listening to more of my saga. Opinions and comments are always welcome.

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