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It is a lesson learned. Interestingly enough, this is something that women go through frequently. We meet a man, we sleep with him, then after the fact find out that he wasn't interested in a relationship but rather just wanted to "hook up" (I hate that phrase! It trivializes the whole thing). And it is hurtful, but there's really nothing that can be done about it.

Obviously this meant much more to you and that's actually a good thing! You won't be one of those user people who thinks others exist for their own amusement. Now you know to hold out for a nice girl (and they aren't always boring, nice girls are often the way to go!) who values you and will only have a physical relationship if she's as committed to you as you are to her. And who won't be flirting and leaving with your friends!

As for your friend, unfortunately lots of people think all's fair in love and war. They feel that if the other person wants to get with them, then who are they to turn it down! And it's not their fault if their buddy already had a claim on that person. I don't agree with this, but lots of people do it. Just know that YOUR moral standards are higher and be happy for that.

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