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Thesedays......Girlie, I feel for you. Five years is a long time to be with someone and even if there were bad times, once they're gone for some reason the bad times disappear and when you are alone all you think about are the good things.

Well, snap out of it!!!! Give yourself time. Time for yourself is the best thing there is to heal. My favorite after a bad break up is to head to the bookstore with my favorite beverage and read all the funny dysfunctional relationship books. My favorite is Why Men Love Bitches. It's a real ego booster and I actually used everything in that book after a nasty breakup, and now I'm happily engaged with a man who worships the ground I walk on nad takes wonderful care of my kids.

There is always going to feel like there is a part of you missing now that he is gone, but you will find someone someday to fill that void, but for now concentrate on yourself. Ignore all his calls and texts, and if you have to speak with him and he becomes accusing, just laugh whenever he says something about you being with someone else. Screw him let him think that you are then. It will drive him nuts. He doesn't even deserve an explanation as to what you're doing or where you've been. If you hate it so much when he hangs up on you, then just hang up on him first!

Try different hobbies too, explore options of things you've never tried before. Go take a class at an art school or go browse the crafting stores and see if something doesn't catch your interest. Try new places to eat, even if you go by yourself. This is your chance to expand your life for the better and become a new person not reliant on a man. Keep a journal of your emotions and if you have a bad day and it's all about him burn that damn page after you write it.

Doing and finding new things will make you feel so much better. Stay out of the house as much as you can for a few weeks, go wherever you need to go to keep your mind open and not bogged down with thoughts of a man.

Best of Luck to you!!!!


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