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... Excuse me, but how old is your husband? I should think that he is quite near to breakdown. He can't go on being and doing things this way. If he doesn't change, if he doesn't allow to be (medically or psychologically) treated, the prognosis is not really good, I am afraid to say. Protect yourself and your family, please. (8 replies)
... Well, I really don't mean to be offensive or indiscreet here... You may (still) love your husband, but unless I'm totally wide of the mark, your sexual life with him is far from satisfying. I am not saying he is impotent, but in a way he is having a problem with his sexuality, or rather, with his virility. He can even look like a macho man, but a man who is really confident... (8 replies)
... Sorry, but your husband is not argumentative, he is a selfish abuser. ... (8 replies)

... My problem is my husband, who is so argumentative that it is driving me MAD. I'm sure he would argue with anyone! ... (8 replies)
... Hi, I am sorry for what you are going through. It sounds as if he is a functioning alcoholic but an alcoholic just the same. The bad attitude, argumentative nature, holding grudges against everyone,drinking to get drunk most nights and peeing all over the house are certainly symptomatic of the disease of alcoholism. ... (4 replies)
... Sorry if this is long but here goes...Married 12 years together 17, 2 young kids. Husband drinks, most nights he goes out and comes home drunk, sometimes more than others. ... (4 replies)
... Wow. Porn? Verbal abuse? No birthday presents or celebrating Christmas, going off on YOUR kids (they are your kids too) and expecting you to paint the whole house before he gets home? I'm sure I missed something....but can I ask why you would love a person like this? Do not confuse love and dependence. It's scary being out of work, I know. I'm not sure where you're from, but... (8 replies)
... This guy needs a "WAKE UP CALL" One time when he comes home dont be there. Take the kids and go to your family, dont tell him then when he looks for you say to him, "ive had enough of how you are to me and if things dont get better i wont be back at all when you come home". I reckon that might work !! Selfish men who needs em? i know im married to one too, on a lesser... (8 replies)
... Wow...the more you post, the more of a jerk this guy becomes.....! WHY are you still with him? Do you really want your sons to grow up thinking it's ok to treat women this way? Come on. If he isn't the type to be physically violent. I would call his bluff. The paint would still be sitting there and dust MIGHT be ontop the fridge. No one deserves to be treated this way, is... (8 replies)
... thanks everyone for your replies, I appreciate all of them, and they have given me a lot to think about. Last time he was home, he went out and bought about 6 tins of paint, and told me the next time he came home, he wanted to see the whole house painted. I mean, in between working full-time and having two boys for which I am solely responsible, he also expects the house to... (8 replies)
... There is nothing you can do to change his behavior but there is a lot you can do to change your reaction to it. Twisting yourself into a pretzel, trying to figure out when to voice an opinion, when to keep your mouth shut, when your son should eat fast or slow, etc. hasn't worked at all so it's time to try something else. You might want to consider going to a marriage... (8 replies)
... I've been married to my husband for more than 25 years. He has always been a little edgy, somewhat impatient, and ocasionally obnoxious. As time has passed, it has gotten worse. ... (5 replies)
... lowering blood pressure. I feel cursed in a way and do not wish to follow in my parents or this family's footsteps. My family will be when I have my children and husband and hear happy laughs and plenty of affection and hugging. This would be great. ... (13 replies)
Am I being a brat?
Dec 28, 2011
... Have you talked to your husband about how you felt about this? ... (16 replies)
... he is depressing, argumentative and a horrible and nasty person. Even my boys don't want him to come home, as he nags them for the smallest things. ... (6 replies)
... Hello there, I have two-year-old twin boys. They are quite a handful as you can imagine, and getting more and more "independent" by the day, particularly one boy. A few days ago while I was taking a nap, my mother was minding them for me. When I got up she confessed to me that she gave that particular boy a smack. She knows that my husband and I have a strict... (2 replies)
... because it concerns her husband of near twenty years, that's why. ... (78 replies)
... after I found out my husband slept with just about anything that didn't have a penis. I am VERY educated about this subject, thank you very much! ... (20 replies)
... r feelings, trying to get them to dislike me because she feels guilty. I honestly don't know how to fix this situation at all. My bf hates conflict, he isn't the argumentative type. He doesn't even discuss issues with her about the girls. She does some really off the wall things when it comes it them. ... (27 replies)
... age are not immune from these flaws. Many women my age are so obsessed with trapping a guy in marriage and planning their dream wedding that selecting the right husband seems like an afterthought of minimal importance. ... (69 replies)

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