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... Because men don't like it! The only men who want a woman to come and do all the work and ask him out are men who are lazy" I believe him. Now, he's only one guy, and he could even be wrong, but it's kind of how I see things folding out. ... (103 replies)
... If you want to start a thread titled "Why do women do this?" I'm all for that. But sorry, I for one won't pull any punches when offering my opinions on men and their behavior in the dating world or offering my advice on how to deal with them. When someone asks me "why do men do this?" I'm going to answer that specific question. "Tsk, well, women do it too!!" doesn't answer why... (103 replies)
... gee, i dunno...why did the last 10 girls i made out with at the club not answer the phone when i called them 2 days after because i wanted to hang out and get to know them better? ... (103 replies)

... ture. Ray Parker Jr.'s The Other Woman, Elvin Bishop's Fooled Around and Fell In Love, to movies and books and shows all with the same theme. Men hardly ever set out to fall in love like women do, it's not a goal of theirs. When they fall in love, it's completely by accident, like "woops!! darn, how did that happen? ... (103 replies)
... He actually texted a couple of days ago to say he hopes i had a good evening and am now enjoying the sun etc etc. Whatever. He didn't ask to meet up.. ... (103 replies)
... Well, I'm sure sorry, but of course you know he's not the only game in town. Go have a girl's night out and soon you'll be setting your sights on a more deserving guy. ... (103 replies)
... I've decided that I'm going anyway, because I don't want to miss out on going just because of him. ... (103 replies)
... sted in someone else, he'll suddenly realise how he doesn't want to lose me, etc etc. I don't want someone like that, and I don't think a relationship would work out that's just a different story. I was just giving an example of when I've been a bit unsure as to how much intiative I should be showing, etc etc. ... (103 replies)
... Did you say you'd call back? ... (103 replies)
... don't call him. Wait until he will do it. If reasonable amount of time passed and he didn't than forget it. Yes, it is absolute turn off. ... (103 replies)
... hy he didn't come to the party thing and he said 'I was waiting for you to invite me again and tell me what time I should turn up'..hmm. I was waiting for him to call to finalise the details. ... (103 replies)
... and since it was raining really badly, would he mind coming down to the street and meet her with an umbrella. Well, she never did get around to driving an hour out of her way just to warm his bed for the night, and he caught the flu standing out in the rain waiting for her!! ... (103 replies)
...'s mainly for women out there looking and actively in the dating scene, but there are probably things in there that any woman could benefit from. ... (103 replies)
... including a call to relate the train departure times after a man has already clearly vocally displayed disinterest in taking the train to see her at all! ... (103 replies)
... ed in the power of positive thinking and thought she could win the day by being proactive and taking the initiative, and probably spent some time crying over the call that never came. ... (103 replies)
... ontact, I actually said that to him when we first discussed this. But my feeling on it is also that surely a woman, if she asked for a mans number and he dosent ask for hers in return, should realise that all is not likely to pan out as she hopes? ... (103 replies)
... I don't mean to come down on or make an example out of your boyfriend, he didn't do what almost every man has done at some point in their life. ... (103 replies)
... I fully agree with this. In fairness to my bf, and to a lot of men who find themselves in that exact situation, there isnt always a sense of cruelty involved. In the case where a man strings a woman along for some period of time solely for sex, then yes, of course there is; but a one night stand is a different situation, and in this day and age the 'rules' of a one... (103 replies)
... It's the exact same situation, just over a longer period of time. It does suck, but all I can say is, no matter who doesn't like to hear it, is MEN LIE. I totally agree, and I don't blame you at all for being frustrated, but at this point, all there reall is left to do is chalk it up to expierence, and learn the lesson for next time, that it doesn't matter how strong a man... (103 replies)
... That's an unfortunate situation, but then again it was pretty obvious when the guy didn't even ask for her number when she asked for his. But what about guys who give false hope for extended periods of time? ... (103 replies)

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