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... o nothing else but wait until you can spend time with him, and are on the phone with him several times a day with you doing most of the calling, you are probably too clingy. He may feel like you have no life outside of him, and that's not attractive. ... (24 replies)
... Yet again, spot on. :( I guess you guys haven't told me anything new or anything I didn't already know, but reading these messages have been so much of an eye-opener. What have I been doing with my life?! Before I had met him, I had so many ambitions and hobbies and goals in life. Now I spend most of my time worrying about our relationship. I guess it doesnt help that I... (24 replies)
... If you continue in this vein, you will chase him away. Definitely. You should never be so dependent on ANY other person. You need to force yourself to stop thinking things are going to go bad, etc. You need to get back to a place where you feel comfortable with yourself, not having to talk to him every day, doing things that interest you. A partner should complement your... (24 replies)

... If you can't get ahold of him on the phone or he doesn't respond right away to a message, do you keep calling or do you wait for him to get back to you? ... (24 replies)
... and do you think that him calling me less often and not spending hours and hours on the phone when we're apart and not always saying that he misses me is due mostly to the fact that the relationship is more settled and no longer 'new and exciting' ? (24 replies)
... since that night, we have been working out together everyday, texting when we go to work and calling when we are both home from work. he also told me last night that he was telling his mom about how im such a sweet, kind, funny, pretty girl. ... (10 replies)
... Befriend her and get to know her a little more, but don't be too clingy. If you find out some of the things she likes to do, it will be easier when you ask her out again. ... (23 replies)
... that he is being too clingy, himself. Now that you have started to take the reigns, in terms of phone calls, maybe he now assumes that you're going to be the one to call each day. ... (2 replies)
I need him....
Dec 1, 2008
... beer. He makes an excuse about his friend calling him first, before I asked to hang out and that he just forgot. ... (20 replies)
A little bummed
Jun 24, 2008
... ieve phone messages with your phone turnrd off and lots of people turn them off in public.Anyway,this relationship is still new and maybe hes still a bit nervous calling you some times.Maybe hes thinking he doesn't want YOU to think hes being too clingy,who knows. ... (108 replies)
Is This Okay?
Oct 16, 2007
... I think it could go either way. I don't want to just say he's an insensitive jerk who doesn't care about your feelings, and I don't want to say that you are too clingy. I'm sure there is more to the story here. ... (12 replies)
I'm lost
May 4, 2006
... If he told you that he thinks you aren't compatible for life, then you aren't compatible for life, no matter what you may think right now. Was he still married when you met him? You met him at a really young age --- usually people don't stay with their first love or the person they lost their virginity to, for the rest of their lives. You need to go out and experience life on... (4 replies)
To Murray-
Jan 25, 2006
... by making more and more plans without him, and not calling him or going round to his in the hope he would miss me and come and see me etc. ... (94 replies)
To Murray-
Jan 24, 2006
... I know that my unhappiness is what drove him away. I got way overly sensitive about everything and I probably became a little too clingy. ... (94 replies)
... Then he stopped calling and would only leave random "hi" notes on IM. ... (5 replies)
Clingy friend!
Jun 26, 2005
... Every day she's calling me wondering where me and my boyfriend are and what we are doing, and she's suggesting her and my boyfriend's friend come hang out with us. ... (4 replies)
... who insisted he didn't want a serious relationship and who never let himself develop feelings for me and was threatened by my feelings for him. I dated him far too long because I was hoping that it would eventually change and because the concept of "controlling" one's feelings is totally alien to me. ... (64 replies)
... Hi all! I want to preface this with a brief of my dating history. I am 25, and have had 3 serious relationships in my life. All were long distance in some form or another. Two were out of state I saw monthly, and the last one was an hour drive from me and only saw him on the weekends when he'd drive up. Having said that, I feel I am uneducated on the etiquette of local... (6 replies)
... ell. Part of why I like this guy is because he also is understanding and has things he is passionate about outside his day job as I do. I couldn't handle a super clingy guy. It's all about balance. ... (31 replies)
... But for some reason something tells me that i shouldnt even bother calling her if i dont hear from her by sunday. Im worried it might seem too stalkerish and she might think im a creep. Because she technically didnt give me her number. ... (39 replies)

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