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... You got cliff notes for that essay. I ain't readin' all that!! :D (18 replies)
... raditional sexist double standards that still all too often prevail when it comes to dating. No one blinks an eye at dowdy middle aged men who demand their dates be young and sexy, but it seems that men are awfully quick to label attractive, perhaps threatening women as shallow for being picky when it comes to looks. ... (18 replies)
... ve this absolutely cracked me up too. LMH and Sophia are right as well and I think their advice is also extremely wise. Remember that he's going to be nervous and intimidated by you, just as you are by him, and that you have a TON of wonderful qualities to offer any man. ... (105 replies)

... Hi ladiva. I did answer a few posts back. I'm not looking for a superman. I'm just looking for a nice guy I can connect with. He doesn't have to be rich or gorgeous, just a nice, stable, decent guy with common values and morals, who I connect with. But perhaps that doesn't exist. It sure doesn't seem to. ... (235 replies)
... my city, the ratio is very unfavorable to women. I am laughing very hard at the "thousand mile stare" because I have used the same expression with regarding to men who live in my city. They just seem to be so wrapped up in their own world, they don't even notice women anymore. ... (52 replies)
... I appreciate the effort and encouragement. I shaved my head again. I personally do not think it looks bad. I can look at myself and smile. But to the majority of the outside world I don't met the criteria of attractiveness for a partner. I am going to change some things. ... (113 replies)
... Yes I have genetic balding. My dad went bald at a very young age. I noticed my hairline starting to recede at 16. I started on Propecia at the age of 19, it held my hair for a good decade... ... (113 replies)
I am unlovable
Jul 30, 2014
... and my inner thighs are dark and marked, my upper arms sag like an old ladies and I have a weird bumpy ugly skin disorder on my legs and arms, . ... (6 replies)
... These 2 things have really made me depressed my whole life. It really is the only area of my life I am haveing problems with. I am doing great at work and have a great career ahead of me. Fact is now I am 28 yrs old and still havnt grown up past that party stage. ... (9 replies)
... I would like to tell you, that I am seriously in a bad state emotionally, in that there are a lot of confused emotions that I have. ... (15 replies)
... It is, of course, an evolutionary holdover that makes little difference today, yet DOES play a role in today's society. Women may not openly admit it, but most want a taller man. ... (18 replies)
... Most women have been here far too many times! YOU MUST PLAY THE GAME IF YOU WANT TO BE INVITED TO THE PARTY! ... (54 replies)
... My boyfriend of 5 years talks about cheating a lot... not about him cheating on me but just about cheating in general. ... (18 replies)
... Taller men tend to be more successful. Is it bc they're tall? ... (49 replies)
... one deserves to be treated like this. ... (18 replies)
... Why shouldn't your partner be amazed each day that he has someone as special as you in his life? ... (28 replies)
... Well, being only 5 feet tall myself, I don't consider being petite a "flaw." I have never considered myself "flawed" because I wasn't at least 5'6". Smoking is a flaw, a bad temper is a flaw, but not being petite. ... (16 replies)
... Has a test and it tells you which personality types you would be most compatiable with, how to grow and so forth. It is interesting but don't get to deep into it. ... (47 replies)
... Thank goodness my girl friends and I have such hugely different taste in men! I have seen this kind of thing play out between a friend of mine and her "best friend". ... (9 replies)
Mar 21, 2006
... but seriously, while I don't think any women would think 6 feet is too short, there are a lot of women out there who wouldn't want to date a really short guy. ... (25 replies)

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