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... My previous post was about women pursing men or aggressively pursuing men in a bar and how they are perceived by men. ... (79 replies)
... Well if that's the case, then I feel it's wonderful, healthy, and dignifying for women to do this! What can we possibly gain from standing in one place, batting our eyelashes, and "wishing" the guy we have our eye on would come talk to us? ... (79 replies)
... and the guys on the boards have said time and time again that this simply is NOT the case. how on earth is "too available" less attractive?? i'm not going to lie to a girl. if i'm not doing anything and she wants to hang out, then i'm available. if i had other plans then i'm NOT available. if i have to study, i'm NOT available. if i'm going out of town for... (79 replies)

... a guy is not into you when you are too clingy, too available.. women are the same way... ... (79 replies)
... I think there's some truth to it--some people just like to go after what they can't have. Well, that guy used to be interested in me but I was interested in someone else at the time. Now he just acts as a friend, so I'm not sure if it's just an act or if he really lost interest in me in that way. He does call me from time to time though and wants to hang out with me. I... (79 replies)
... well, if anything he should realize that you give him "status". i know for some strange reason that women think guys are more appealing when they see them with an attractive female... ... (79 replies)
... for the woman to do a little chasing and to flirt a little in the whole dating game thing. But, I think to really know whether or not a man is truely interested, women should back off a bit and let him make the moves! If a guy really likes a woman, he will pursue her. ... (79 replies)
... this is what women seem to NEVER understand. the problem is, they think men are like them. ... (79 replies)
... Well, the guys I have had this convo with reply the same way as Donuts. It's 2005 and I think it is a shame women are so afraid to go after a man. And after they fought so long to be equals, how can one possibly believe it's still "the mans job to persue"? ... (79 replies)
... Well let me throw in one man's opinion. First of all, I think that whole notion that men like a challenge or the thrill of the chase is a big myth. You're not a trophy or a prize. ... (79 replies)
... Now I am chasing again. I know that men think that women who chase are sexy and it's a great turn on for them. And it also is refreshing for them to be chased. In Europe it's actually a very common thing. ... (79 replies)
RUDE men!!!
Jul 31, 2005
... Sometimes it's really just a matter of "luck" or perhaps fate. I guess it's not easier for either gender, though I always thought that men have it much easier since they can approach any girl they find attractive and it's socially acceptable. ... (22 replies)
... Here is the question, How can I explain to my girlfriend the reason I look at other women? ... (20 replies)
... I guess what I'm saying is casual sex or relationship through physical attraction is a waste of space. Yet most men pursue that. I don't get it and I'm male. But I have also had a number of partners pre and post marriage. ... (16 replies)
... ish behavior, but some also like to play hard to get and want to try and make you pursue them, so the second you stop doing so, they do everything they can to make you keep going...and turn you down a few more times. ... (6 replies)
... I've heard older married men say things like "I asked her out everyday for 2 weeks before she finally said yes. ... (6 replies)
... she is also free from you and both can now pursue other relationships. ... (16 replies)
Loving two men
Sep 13, 2008
... I know I love my friend. We aren't dating, but I get so jealous when other women hit on him... ... (10 replies)
... I work with children, so obviously the field is heavily concentrated with women. There's lots of women that I know as acquaintances that are single, and I would't sleep with them and am not attracted to them. ... (40 replies)
... From my personal experiences, men and women can be JUST friends. However, almost always, one or the other WOULD pursue something. As sexist as it sounds, I think women like and want to have platonic friendships, and men don't. ... (40 replies)

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