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... Can a person still be your soulmate even if he's not right for you and you seperate? ... (3 replies)
... Obviously this is weighing very heavily on your mind and heart if you've been searching for him online, and fantasies of meeting up with him are occupying so much of your time and so many of your thoughts. ... (56 replies)
... This is similar to that whole "love at first site" thing, IMO. You can lay eyes on someone and be incredibly attracted to them or be in "lust" with them. But as far as love, those feelings to take to develop. ... (18 replies)

... Marriage is about working it out if you can, trying your very best to keep the relationship together. ... (18 replies)
... Do you realize you are emotionally cheating on your husband and it seems like it will turn into something physical eventullay if you continue on this path with this guy. Do you love your husband... ... (40 replies)
... Anyway, will give a bit of my situation here too.....I got married at 29 and i too thought it would be marriage, mortgage, babies etc. ... (38 replies)
... hen I thought about it later I realised we'd been engaged too long and the excitement and passion had waned over the years. I reasoned that if we'd been meant to be together we would have got married, not just stayed engaged when there was no real reason not to commit fully. Maybe this is the same for you? ... (17 replies)
... Exactly. Thank you. :) I've known people never married, never wanted to, who were blissfully happy at the beginning of their marriages only to be even more thrilled to be getting out of it a few years down the road, and those who were satisified with their lives just fine until they met their soul mate, then would say things like "I just don't know what I'd do without... (159 replies)
... true happiness is that we all measure it differently and how you measure happiness changes over time. When you're young, maybe you equate happiness with finding your soulmate. But then maybe when you're older and you've been married once or twice, you conclude that happiness isn't found with a soulmate at all. ... (159 replies)
... Adding to the facts, presented by many posters, about how you should think about the others around you, that will be affected by your decision. ... (42 replies)
... like riding his motorcycle or surfing the net. i try to be involved with him on those things like riding his motorcycle with him, but he isn't interested. he likes to ride alone. ... (25 replies)
... I understand your pain..... ... (25 replies)
... old question whether you'd be better off marrying him or not? ... (23 replies)
... I think you need to focus mostly on yourself and your social life right now. Maybe I missed it in one of these posts, but what happened a month ago that started making you feel depressed? ... (21 replies)
... I am very sorry to hear about your situation. Since you were very honest and open in writing your detailed post, I'll be honest and open with you. ... (50 replies)
Internet dating?
Nov 17, 2007
... Ive never done either so i dont really know, lol i just wanted to get peoples views, im 26 im not getting younger lol, But like i tell people where ever it may be what ever it takes to find your soulmate. I might have a story of where i found my soulmate and it might be a place i least expect it to be! ... (32 replies)
... are right indeed! Dance classes sound as though they really work for you, because you enjoy them anyway and you get on with the other people there. Yes do expand your comfort zone! ... (96 replies)
... ouples who are together for a year or two, then start thinking their SO is their soulmate. Yes, there are exceptions, but generally speaking, there's no way you can say if someone is your soulmate after such a short time. ... (11 replies)
... Thanks! That helps me feel better. I really don't want to think about anything else but myself for now. I get to put myself first now!:D (18 replies)
... Ava,I will be the first to admit it was blind dumb luck. Neither myself or Dh were looking for love. I also got to help my best friend find her soulmate and they got married 2 months after they met on a double date with me and dh. This Dec will be 13 years for them and they are still going strong. ... (18 replies)

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