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... I can't imagine what you must be going through. Sadly, I can't think of one good reason that a man would put a camera in a females room. To say it was to find out what she was up to when she was out? ... (37 replies)
... So sorry for your pain and stress. (37 replies)
... Here is where it is all at. Does he discuss things with you? If I don't like the way someone responds to me, I don't tell them things because I don't want to hear their opinion, I don't have regard for what they have to say. Does he have regard for your opinion, your knowledge, your heart???? Hello SrtrWfe, we are all here together, no doubt, wanting to love on this... (37 replies)

... I agree with this. Whatever his intent was, there was a violation of privacy. Yet, if it ever can proved that there was no sexual thing in it, there are attenuating circumstances. (37 replies)
... Your daughters trust and privacy has been violated and by someone she has trusted. Whether intent was there or not, the fact remains a video camera was hidden in a laundry basket in her room, that has to be a huge red flag. ... (37 replies)
... feed or anything of that nature or any remote control. That being said, while we are happy that nothing was actually recorded, we are appalled at the idea of the camera being in an innapropriate place to begin with. It makes me feel like you can't really trust anyone. ... (37 replies)
... as I haven't read all posts...but did the husband ever tell the wife that he thought they should put a camera to spy on the girl? ... (37 replies)
... I think most people are being too caviler about this issue. This is serious and him putting a video camera in a womens bedroom to see when she's coming home is ludicrous. Lets all be honest about what he was doing it for. It's sick. ... (37 replies)
... what a lousy hiding place! I mean, unless he does the laundry, I'm not too clear on how the camera wouldn't be found... ... (37 replies)
... How would he be able to see anything from a camera inside a laundry basket? ... (37 replies)
... ave a daughter from a previous relationship as well. My husband and I married when my daughter was 4. With that being said, if I EVER found that he had a video camera in her room for ANY reason I would be done with him. ... (37 replies)
... It is hard to know if he just made a very stupid decision by putting the camera in her room or if something nasty is going on. My question is why did he not consult you and ask for your opinion. ... (37 replies)
... First off, he was young once too and you can't control anybody. What is he thinking, people need to communicate and not just say I am going to put in a video camera to find out. She changes in there and she deserves her privacy. That is very bad. There are other solutions to this as well. ... (37 replies)
... wo from my previous marriage, we married when they were 5 and 2 respectively, and had two more. Two weeks ago, my oldest daughter who is eighteen, found a video camera in a laundry basket in her room, it was on, but not recording. ... (37 replies)
... Wow, I'm so sorry your daughter had to go through that. I agree with most of the others, the intent was there and I would wager a bet that it wasn't to find out what time she got home. Is this the first time he's done this? Or have there been other times as well? Did he tell you about what he was doing? Did he ever do this when she was a minor? I'm sorry I think it's perverted... (37 replies)
... Strtrwfe, I admire the wisdom and the courage you have shown in confronting this situation, and recognizing the facts and in questioning the events. You are making it possible for the healing process to begin. Please know that our hearts go out to you and that we will support you in any way we can. Bethsheba (37 replies)
... I feel for you, I know how devistating it is when we find really the true colors of one we truly love !!! (37 replies)
... Right, how does your daughter feel about this situation? Because I think that your first priority needs to be her feelings. If she is very upset and completely uncomfortable around her step-dad now, then I think you have to consider what you need to do about it. I'm very curious to hear what your daughter thinks about all of this. Is your husband at all remorseful about... (37 replies)
... I wouldn't make the assumption that because the husband is a non-techie and doesn't understand how to work the equipment or didn't work the equipment right this time that the INTENT wasn't there..... I still say your husband is crossing the line of being a dirty old man..... how does your daughter feel about this? what does she say?? (37 replies)
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