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... ether afterwards, its better! We are both smiling and happy and have stories to tell each other which make us appreciate each other. Neither of us ever thinks of cheating because WHY would we? ... (12 replies)
... I love my boyfriend he is always nice to me, but 2 years ago he started cheating on me and he keeps denying it, until recently he said to me that it was just because we werent engaged, and since we will get married soon he wont of course cheat on me because i will be his wife, he is saying the truth but I dont know if Im okey with the fact that he cheated on me as his lover... (4 replies)
... So I was in a relationship of 4 years which I broke because I no longer love her. I have been working with this girl for 2 years and when I mean working in mean spending all my time at work with her constantly. ... (7 replies)

... to express to her how you feel about it and take her at her word. You could always switch it around and ask her how she would feel if you kept in contact with a girl who you confided in and had sex with. I'm sure she wouldn't go for it either. ... (12 replies)
... bit. Once you leave and start going out after a couple months you'll be fine. But don't do what I did I let him come over for boots calls while he lived with the girl he cheated with. ... (13 replies)
... Ok max my plans are all shot too hell now, I couldn't contain my rage that I was feeling, for being put in this situation, that I'm in, and I blew my cool.I thought I had it together, but I lost my kool, and threw a hissy fit. He told me there was nothing between him and this girl, he even went so far as too get her on the phone, put it on speaker phone so she could hear... (43 replies)
... Yes, it's clear that your husband is cheating on you or otherwise is being manipulated by this woman. One or the other or perhaps both. ... (43 replies)
... his marriage I won't be penniless, this deception is taking its toll on my 16 yr old son, I keep telling him, it's not about him, but he doesn't believe me, this girl my husbands seeing,has a 12 or 13 boy child, and I think he's afraid he's going to be replaced by the other woman's child. ... (43 replies)
... girls. Calling them gorgeous, beautiful, sexy etc. How are you ever meant to believe he thinks your any of them things when he tells every girl the same thing. do I mean anything to him? ... (2 replies)
... lost control. It just happens. Never say never. Any person can go through a similar situation. No, I don't share the idea that once you cheat you will always be cheating onwards. I could share with you something about my own life to prove that two people that once "cheated" can have a lasting and good relationship together. ... (28 replies)
... Going back to this cheating relationship, I can only imagine how a man and a woman who both cheated on their partners can have a healthy relationship. ... (28 replies)
... cheaters often do repeat the behavior, and maybe that's because they have problems with impulse control because not everyone in the same situation would cheat so it's not about the situation you find yourself in, it's how you respond to it and the choices you make from it. We all have urges and desires, some people act on them, other people don't and I think it has a lot to do... (28 replies)
... Trust is important, but so is tolerance. Once a cheater, always a cheater? Not necessarily. I think most people are changed by time and their life experiences. At times doing the "wrong" thing is the best way to learn a lesson.... (28 replies)
... lp if you sit down and do up a pros and cons list to pursuing this but you would need to be brutally honest with it, because you don't know what living with this girl would truly be like or what being in a relationship long term would be like, and the reality won't be the same as the fantasy that it is now. ... (28 replies)
... If she complains to you about her bf then maybe she's unhappy. But whether you make the first move or let her make the first move and you still go for it, you're still allowing her to cheat on her bf with you. So either way it would be wrong. If she's unhappy with her bf then she should either try to fix things with him or just leave him. If she likes you, she should let you... (6 replies)
... I differentiate between love and sex. My life is full of love, but not full of sex. Of course I can not get all the things that I want in my life and I always should compromise. And this way, I have always chosen the love part. I do not regret because the I am quite sure the life in other way ( full of sex and without love) is much much worse. But I sometimes think, maybe I... (20 replies)
... dn't mind an open marriage whereas your wife wouldn't be happy about it. There was a time in my life where I wanted an open marriage because I wanted to see some girl I liked but my husband wouldn't go for it. He isn't the type that watches porn, goes to strip clubs or even glances at another girl. ... (20 replies)
... concluded I was cheating on her when in fact I was not. ... (3 replies)
... I had been in a relationship with really nice girl for about a year, and after i moved cities we had a talk about how we would try to make long distance relationship work. ... (3 replies)
... I enjoy the conversations and I really like him. The last time I dated a "texter", I caught him cheating on me with other men. He was using me as his emotional rock. ... (1 replies)

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