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... He broke up with me yesterday afternoon. He is on the lease but all the bills are in my name. He said he'll stay til the lease is up and move into the office. I guess that's good. I thought I could fix it but like others have said, can't make someone stay, can't make someone love you. I appreciate your advice. (17 replies)
... I'm going to be 44 this year. And I literally just started a relationship a couple of weeks ago with a man who is everything I've ever been looking for. It's never too late to find love. You're not even 30 yet! You need to dump this cheating, lying loser and spend some time on your own before looking for anyone new. Don't ever let yourself become a doormat to keep a guy. (17 replies)
... You can do this. Kick him out....advertise for a roommate OR break the lease and let them come after BOTH of you for the difference. Who is on the lease? Bot of you I hope... As far as not finding someone...I was 32 when I got married... 3 kids and 14 years later, I am very happy. There is still plenty of time! You want what you cant have...what you DO have is a... (17 replies)

... I love my boyfriend he is always nice to me, but 2 years ago he started cheating on me and he keeps denying it, until recently he said to me that it was just because we werent engaged, and since we will get married soon he wont of course cheat on me because i will be his wife, he is saying the truth but I dont know if Im okey with the fact that he cheated on me as his lover... (4 replies)
Is it cheating?
Mar 30, 2017
... I can relate to that.. my partner was friends with the opposite sex and he told me they were just friends that it so I trusted him with all my heart till I noticed things was differant so my gut feelings was telling me something is not adding up so I put a recorder in the hidden spots and come to find out the opposite sex friend and her husband wanted my partner to do the 3... (26 replies)
Is it cheating?
Mar 29, 2017
... if it's general chat it's not cheating. why would you think it would be? (26 replies)
Is it cheating?
Mar 29, 2017
... Just as a matter of interest, I would like to know your views on this. Suppose a man or woman discovers that his/her partner has been conducting a correspondence online (social media) with a person of the opposite sex that they had been friendly with in the distant past (but not necessarily sexually involved), and you (the partner) knew nothing, or only vague details about... (26 replies)
... He is making an appointment to try to find some help. When he gets paranoid, I feel like it's not my boyfriend that I am talking to. It's like a completely different person. That's why I am still with him. He had a good day yesterday, but now it's back again... from the research I did he has paranoid personality disorder. He starts crying because in his head he is actually... (13 replies)
... I had a guy like that, he was my soulmate. Loved him so much. Turned he was cheating. The deal is we are just creatures of habit. Once you leave and start going out after a couple months you'll be fine. But don't do what I did I let him come over for boots calls while he lived with the girl he cheated with. Cathy (13 replies)
... lly use some advice. I have been with this guy for 9 months and I am absolutely in love with him. For about 6 months though, he is completely convinced that I am cheating on him. He thought I cheated on him with his best friend then he thought I was cheating on him with my boss. ... (13 replies)
... As a religious women nowhere in scripture does it say, that I can't separate from him and remain unmarried. How in the heck would u feel, if you had a strong suspicion that your partner cheated, that the signs pointed to her probably cheating, and u have too live with that dout everyday, slowly eating at your marriage?I really don't know what religion u believe in, but I... (43 replies)
... el that it could have led too my husbands brush with, let's call it what it sounds like suspicious infidelity. I still have no real resolution too, wether he was cheating or not,my heads a mess. ... (43 replies)
... Yeah porn isn't abnormal for a male in our society. He isn't comparing you to them either. He probably just wishes he could give you a good time like in the videos. I think once again you should focus on the positive. He was accused of being a cheat. He isn't cheating. Divorce was considered, it is no longer on the table. The worst that has come from this is your man... (43 replies)
... hey will gloam on too that, and use as a springboard, too see if they can undermine the marriage any futher. For now I wait and watch,right now I figure, if he's cheating he will lay low for awhile, till he thinks things have calmed down. ... (43 replies)
... This woman as far as I can ascertain, has no job, and was borrowing the money for the car payments from friends, so it's only a matter of time before she misses another payment, and our credit history takes another hit. I gave my husband and ultimatum, u get that car back, cut all ties too this woman, u be home when your suppose too be no working overtime, or I'm walking , and... (43 replies)
... Ok max my plans are all shot too hell now, I couldn't contain my rage that I was feeling, for being put in this situation, that I'm in, and I blew my cool.I thought I had it together, but I lost my kool, and threw a hissy fit. He told me there was nothing between him and this girl, he even went so far as too get her on the phone, put it on speaker phone so she could hear... (43 replies)
... Ok let me try and clear something's up, I was married too my first husband in my early 20s I somewhat take responsibility for the marriage failing, he walked out on my son and I when my son was 6,my ex became involved with my sister, got her pregnant and married her. It took me 5 yrs to come terms with what happened and too forgive both of them for how they hurt me.Since then... (43 replies)
... Yes, it's clear that your husband is cheating on you or otherwise is being manipulated by this woman. One or the other or perhaps both. ... (43 replies)
... save yourself the trouble and expense of the gps......your husband is cheating, and if he isn't cheating, he's a very stupid buy a car for a "friend", pay their car insurance, etc.....but my money is on the cheating..... please talk to a lawyer and make sure your interests are protected..... (43 replies)
... Kszn,Thank you so much for your reply, my sister suggested I put a gps tracker on my husbands car, just too be sure that he is cheating , before I file for divorce. As of now,my husband still doesn't know that I suspect him of cheating. ... (43 replies)

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