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... To cut long story short I came home told my bf it was over. I later confessed cheating. ... (5 replies)
... I have been married for 9 years. My husband and I have 4 children together. Earlier on in our relationship, I had an affair. I knew what I did was wrong and I confessed to what I had done. He still wanted to continue our marriage and work things out. But over the years, he has become less emotionally attached and more distant. ... (5 replies)
... tatious messages with a couple of guys from last year when we were still complicated. She would tell them to go on skype after to continue conversations.she also confessed that she showed a guy her body on skype. Even if we werent serious at the time i still consider that to be cheating too. ... (3 replies)

... I see on this forum that another man found his wife cheating 3 times and confronted her and she confessed. Your wife may lie or not lie but you can't bury your head in the sand. ... (63 replies)
... I'm constantly waiting for my boyfriend to screw up, and I'm the one who screws up. I felt so terrible that I came home bawling and confessed to the small kiss, telling him that he should be angry with me, how it was all my fault, how disgusting I was, and how I didn't deserve him. ... (8 replies)
... My husband has been talking to this girl at work secreterly, everytime i find about her and him talking through email or myspace, he claims they are just friends, but he always apologizes to me and says he won't talk to her anymore, as tho they were more then friends, he still hasn't confessed anything, I had a gut feeling it was more then friendship, she was also married, and... (25 replies)
... also i thought i might add that marriage isnt a payback system where i did that for you, so you do this for me. sorry but it doesnt work that way. if you cant accept his weight, working hours and stuff like that, simple, move on. marriage is not about him changing his job shift for you like you said. marriage is also about understanding and u dont seem to understand him at... (25 replies)
... o she has to move the family around but she does it because she loves her husband and supports him in what he does. as far as im concerned there is no excuse for cheating and if the cost of living is anything like australia's at the moment then i understand the difficulty people are going through just to put food on the table. ... (25 replies)
... times its just what life throws at ya. And IMO I see that reasoning as a lame excuse for cheating. I am of the train of thought that if I ever had the thought of cheating you leave the marriage cheating is just not acceptable. ... (25 replies)
... e affair, just the pastors. So please stop thinking that my husband is the one getting the bum deal here...Yes I cheated and that was so unfair to him and Yes I confessed to the affair which I think was pretty darn brave of me. You are suppose to confess your sins and he had every right to know despite it hurting him. ... (25 replies)
... You do make some good points Mileena. I am not from the south so I don't know how the heat and humidity is there. The reason why I think he should be willing to try to compromise is because he did use to work that shift. He changed it 2 years into their marriage and dismissed her feelings about it. And yes, I do also think the husband got a bum deal. My exhusband... (25 replies)
... Ann, I confessed to my husband because it was eating me up inside. I carried a heavy load of guilt on my shoulders and had to let it go. ... (25 replies)
... I'm not really sure why you confessed to your husband...would you have confessed if your lover had not ended it? ... (25 replies)
... You had the affair for a reason, whether it was right or not. You confessed it to your husband which I think was a very admirable thing to do. ... (25 replies)
... I recently confessed to my husband that I cheated on him. He had his suspicions. He at first was in shock, then angry and confused.. ... (25 replies)
... The hurt from someone cheating on you is just so beyond does not even compare to the pain you feel from the guilt of cheating on your spouse. But I still stand by my "don't say anything" because it's probably going to destroy too many lives if she does. ... (38 replies)
... e the situation is something she wouldn't have come clean about if you didn't happen to show up at the house. Sounds fishy. She didn't confess out of guilt.. she confessed because she got caught. ... (8 replies)
... thank you.. she didnt call me one day, all day, so i went to her house around 11pm..the door was locked, she came down and looked scared...i pretty much had to push it out of her and she confessed..she is trying to make me trust her..but even now and then you get those unfamiliar # on her house time it was her ex...who just got out of jail!! jail??? Maybe i'm just... (8 replies)
... o work on our marriage. We did, 3 years later we were divorced. I'm not saying this will happen to you, but it's a serious wake up call. Looking back, I think he confessed because he thought I might hear something from one of his guy friends about what went on that night. Kind of covering his butt. ... (16 replies)
... You have to realize that cheating IS a DEAL BREAKER. ... (23 replies)

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