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... d see if she could move something. We exchanged a few messages over the next couple of days and found out a bit more about each other. Her messages were verbose and she included kisses and smiley faces. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, and thanks so much for your reply. ... (5 replies)
... In novemeber i meet a guy on the internet, on a dating site. We mailed for a week or so until we exchanged numbers. We then txted for about 3 weeks. We where due to meet up in between this but I got a tummy bug and had to postpone. ... (5 replies)

... It sounds like he likes you, but he's a little bit "hot and cold" which probably means he is really struggling with other things in his life. The only thing I can really say is just don't pressure him. ... (6 replies)
... blowing hot and cold with him during the relationship before your divorce came through. You said you had previously dumped him, and then again announced you both needed a break of sorts after a row. ... (25 replies)
... Three months ago I broke up with my boyfriend of three years, and close friend of 8 years. I moved away, and we are still fairly young, only 24, and although we love each other very much, I thought we both needed some growing space and time to be single. ... (27 replies)
... he decided that he wanted me more, and so broke things off with her. I always told him that i was not ready for a relationship and not keen on committment, but he still said he was happy to "get what he could from me". ... (2 replies)
... p because he knows your a safe bet, if he wants to explore then let him go ahead.... but don't let him keep you hanging on a string if it all back fire's on him and he comes running to you, he also will keep her on backup in case you and him don't work out. ... (30 replies)
... Well its nearly two in the morning here and i decided to come on and well vent..I'm feeling so so angry right now and yet really really down and sad to..I'll try not keep this to long. ... (10 replies)
... Ok, I'm really confused here. You say he says he loves you and wants to work it out. Well, how does his bringing another woman into the mix help in fixing anything? ... (6 replies)
... I really need some advice from some guys, or even some girls who have had some experience with "shy" guys because I'm just about ready to throw in the towel. See, there's this guy that I like...we're sort of like friends, but not so "close" that we're in the "friend zone". ... (14 replies)
... ant to thank everyone who helped me through my break up. You all were amazing. So, thank you. Okay now on to the new stuff. I've been talking to this guy for about a month now. The thing is he has been hot and cold. He has now dropped off the face of the earth for three days. ... (12 replies)
... No, I don't think I was too honest too soon, but I am a very honest person. I can't stand the thought of misleading someone and hurting someones feelings. At first, I didn't want to date, wasn't ready for a relationship, and told him so. ... (32 replies)
... of her attention and affection. ... (3 replies)
... I'm going to be blunt here because I have been in that girl's position more times than I care to admit and have strung men along just the way she appears to be doing to you. ... (15 replies)
... hold on a woman and there's no longer much mystery or challenge. ... (263 replies)
... e guy that the girl told me in confidence. It turned into a big mess. There were comments coming from all angles. He did at one point say some not so nice things about the girl, but it was really more the situation itself. I was partly to blame, I suppose. ... (30 replies)
... how he doesn't want to "loose me". We both got a little emotional and he ended up telling me that he sent her a text message Wednesday night. ... (30 replies)
... d you, played with your head and heart, has admitted to you that he wants to keep this other girl around just in case it doesn't work out with you, but then lied about it, like you were some kind of idiot and couldn't see right through the lie. ... (30 replies)
... doesn't take a guy over a half hour to shave. Not even if he's as hairy as bigfoot! I think it's a fair assumption that he was with her, that's why he's late, and for all you know he's still with her right now and that's why he's blowing you off. Are you going to keep letting him treat you this way? ... (30 replies)

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