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... piece travel set worth of baggage. He sounds terrified that you will want more than he's willing to give you. But I don't see where he's sending mixed or confusing signals. He has made it clear that he doesn't want commitment, he doesn't think of you as serious long term material, not yet anyway. ... (13 replies)
... The one thing I've learned about men when it comes to their strange and confusing behavior is this - why ask why? The bottom line is, he's not the one, and you know it in your gut. He's got seriou hang us and issues and will most likely never really commit to you. But you say you want this guy. Really? You actually LIKE being told "whoa whoa!! Slow down!! I'm not there!!!"... (13 replies)
... Ugh, I'm so sick of this and worst of all, I've left my favorite pair of shoes at his house, which is 2 hrs. away! I find his combination of insecurity/non-committal behavior weird. Why does he want me to meet his friends? I suggest we see a movie and he arranges a double date w/ friends pre pays the movie tickets and a lobster dinner and wine tasting, why all this hoopla... (13 replies)

... Although he's confusing you he has stated for all intents and purposes that he isn't ready to make this a committed relationship. Everything he says screams out "we're not exclusive". ... (13 replies)
... act him, which I did but he hadn't answered. Anyway he promptly came over to see me and things have been good but weird since then because he sends really mixed signals that make me feel insecure and weird but I suspect he's the insecure one and definitely want your input. ... (13 replies)
... Hmmm, you make a really good point. He looks and has the attitude that I want a man to have and that I'm hopelessly attracted to, cocky, confident. But in reality, I know it's covering up for his own insecurities and perhaps it's all a lie that he has concocted and the more I poke around and get close to the truth, the more he will push me away. Maybe so many things but of... (13 replies)
... spot on!!!!!! (13 replies)
... Your getting played EOS! He is the player type lots of female friends who he has slept with most of them. Keeps them as friends for future intimate engagements. Thats why I avoid women with lots of guy "friends" like the plague! You let him hit it on the third date he got what he wanted. Now he is going to play the role of the dummy(He expected you to call) LOL. He will... (13 replies)
... I suspect that he doesn't even know what he wants. He has made it abundantly clear by his actions and his initial statements to you that he is not looking for a relationship. And if a man gave me all those details this early about his ex's, it would be a huge red flag. There would be zero trust on my part. You are better off out of the relationship before you become... (13 replies)
... Rebecca, you are right that he's the insecure one, you see right through him. It sounds like he can't handle any rejection at all. He seems very inexperienced in relationships, too, as if most of his are very short-lived. If his ex's are all friends, he couldn't be much of a heartbreaker, it could be they started to see what he's really like (what you're now seeing) and... (13 replies)
... he's being very non-committal not wanting to "define" your relationship..... in other words.....he's NOT being monogomous..... but he didn't say he would......he's just a you want that? (13 replies)
... ugh, the reviews on this man's behavior are not very positive. I hate being in a situation where the man makes me feel like I'm needy or pushing too hard when all I want to do is get together and hang out. I'm not a passive type, I'm quite assertive. Every time I express interest he immediately goes to getting nervous about me meeting his kids, family, etc. and I have to... (13 replies)
... This man sounds incredibly conceited. Like he thinks he's on a reality show or something. You'd probably think it was funny if you hadn't slept with the guy already:( Maybe next time wait a little longer. I think he's already found his true love, himself, so congratulate him and stop dragging this out. He also sounds very drama-oriented...doesn't like to have straightforward... (13 replies)
... is sort of like, you say "Can I visit you?", and he says "I'm not ready for marriage yet...". He is definitely using this method to keep you at a distance for whatever reason. It is like he has one foot out of the door all the time. Do you need this? I think that even if you land this one, you will spend your life wondering if he is actually 'there' in the... (13 replies)
I can't read men
Aug 17, 2006
... The thing is, I am VERY very shy and introverted. I very seldom open up to the point where someone can make a lot of eye contact with me or talk to me a whole lot. They'd have to be super bold to do so! I don't know exactly how I do it, but I give very strong, "Get away from me" vibes, because I'm always sooo nervous. This makes it even harder to read guys! Those are... (14 replies)
I can't read men
Aug 17, 2006
... They don't necessarily say or do things from the heart. They might not intend to hurt anyone, but they do give the wrong signals to get reactions for their self evaluations. ... (14 replies)
30 Something Men
Oct 24, 2005
... if women would select men who treat them well and who really like them, they wouldn't have nearly as much trouble with relationships. ... (77 replies)
... I think this describes my ex to a T also. I think I was just too blind to see it at the time because I fell in love. :) (70 replies)
... Sounds to me like the men you, and Red, were seeing is an Ambivalent Man. Ambivalent men are attracted to and grow to care for the women they get involved with, but it is those very feelings that drive them away. ... (70 replies)
... eeds to be committed to not only liking you again as more than a friend, but also rekindling the relationship. Third, it always makes things more complicated and confusing when a third party gets involved in passing messages between two potential partners. ... (51 replies)

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