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... The title states precisely that. A very controlling, insecure, paranoid, abusive, miserable, pot-head boyfriend... that i nearly got rid of. I big part of me is SO MISERABLE and FRUSTRATED I can just cry and scream! I feel so angry for being with him - can you really love somebody that acts so ignorant? Or do you just "love" them out of habit because you have been with their... (15 replies)
... Some men are controlling because they are insecure and that is the only way they can feel important. Some were raised to believe that is how you treat women, some pickup that behavior along the way. ... (1 replies)
... My first thought when my boyfriend wants to hang out with friends, is will there be other girls there? My first thought when we want to go see a movie or pick one up from redbox, is there naked girls in it? if theres even an attractive female on the cover of a movie I want nothing to do with it because i dont want him looking at other girls that way or seeing them naked. I... (2 replies)

... e. You must become stronger, and he must get in touch with his own vulnerability. That he doesn't want you to go to a place where there are other males shows how insecure he really is. ... (27 replies)
... I'm coming here to ask for help. This relationship was everything I ever wanted and more, with a beautiful girl who was everything I could ever want. Everything in the relationship meant an enormous amount to me, our anniversary was the 1st of January, the necklace I bought her she wore every day, the plans we made for the future, all of it is gone. Being Human, I took... (6 replies)
... more later. Because she will she will drive you crazy, while you will have good intentions to help her get back on track. Eventually she just may think you are controlling and overbearing, just because you don't want her to proceed on a downward spiral. Honestly, you should really consider letting this one go and moving on. ... (3 replies)
... Ok heres something for you to think about that helped me and this was said to me by a friend. If you worry and stress everyday, your heart is like broken because your in emotional pain everyday before it even happens. Say if he did cheat...then what? you would be devastated wouldnt you? but that pain is only temporary we get over it if we leave that person who cheated on... (6 replies)
... Hey Guys, I have recently started dating my new boyfriend. We have only been dating 5 months or so. Prior to this, I was in a 4 year dysfunctional back-and-forth relationship with a guy who was very controlling, jealous and possessive. I have finally let that go but I am struggling. I have been in this dysfunctional relationship for so long, I dont even know "how" to feel... (6 replies)
Sep 10, 2010
... nothings missing. just still messed up from my past not just messed up about been cheated on but 2 ex's was extremely violent, controlling, raped by 1 ex. just fear everyones going to hurt me, including him. most people in my life or who was in my life before have let me down in one way or another its all i have ever known. just it keeps me a decent person to be with though as... (10 replies)
Sep 10, 2010
... tells me he loves, is affectionate, makes time for me romance and stuff, does things for me, lets me do whatever i want unlike my ex's who was jealous possessive controlling and worst part cheating on me with more than 1 girl. ... (10 replies)
... Excellent post! I know you're venting, but how have you addressed this with him in the past and what has his general response been? My sisterís husband, for example, works his tail off and when he comes home he spends an hour or so with her and the kids, but then goes off to do his own thing. Which I think is pretty normal. He needs his own down time too. But he... (7 replies)
... Well, he's insecure for one. He thinks that if he doesn't control your every move you will do something to hurt him. He doesn't trust you or respect you. He is a selfish man. ... (7 replies)
Feeling insecure
Feb 20, 2009
... And not for nothing but, you might want to be careful because a man who is that clingy and controlling could potentially become violent if he thinks you're running around behind his back. ... (6 replies)
... Does he go to strip clubs or get massages? I know that if the person I were seeing frequented those places I wouldn't be too happy about it. On the other hand, if he doesn't go to these places all the time then this is about you. 99% of the time insecurity stems from childhood issues and it's not easy to root this out without therapy. You continue to play out your... (5 replies)
... This could be true, but it seems equally true that women don't trust the motives of other women, either. lol I think that one of the "secrets" for a great relationship is for both partners to have some degree of privacy and a personal space and time. I think his reaction was... "normal", but then we have to assume he is controlling, insecure, immature and selfish. If... (4 replies)
... Well, that type of jealousy is not healthy. It will eventually drive him away probably. Why don't you meet with a counselor to help you work some of this stuff through and help you keep this relationship? (2 replies)
... school girlfriend, so it isn't like we have years invested in this and are planning on getting married or anything, but i love him so much and i'm afraid i'm too controlling and jealous. i can't help how i feel though, and i get jealous even when he simply talks to another girl at school. ... (2 replies)
... rose, he doesnt have kids. that was the guy before who was talking to me. well if we break up it should be in person. we were talking on the phone last night and he says he knows that he is insecure and is blaming his parents for the things they've said (when he was 6, his dad told him that since he has a small penis he would too have a small one). i told him he needs... (25 replies)
... with this started out that he was harassing you at the gym, plus the fact that he's got a few kids, then he's got a dog that you're allergic to, he's controlling and insecure.........I'd really like to know what you see in this guy? ... (25 replies)
... i dont know if he was testing kinda makes me feel like he was cause ever since that day he still hasnt had any nights out with the guys. he also said, to his knowledge, his ex did not cheat on him. he also said he never cheated. i guess im just going to proceed with caution and let it be known if anything he says/does bothers me. (10 replies)

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