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... I used to date a freak that was like your husband. Always jealous, always suspicious and even asked me to take a polygraph test! (The dork,,,,) If we went any where and I so much as looked in the direction of another guy, he thought I had slept with him. I had to stare at the floor whenever in the presence of other men. If they looked at me, he told me I was a ***** and was... (25 replies)
... I'm glad you are considering couseling for yourself, even if your husband doesn't go. Also, don't feel bad for putting up with this behavior for so long. ... (25 replies)
... I am sorry to say, but your husband and I would last about 2 seconds! ... (25 replies)

... I may be jumping to conclusions, but a lot of times when a partner acts like this, they themselves are cheating and blaming the other to ease thier guilty conscience. The bugging of your care would have done it for me. You may be married, but you are still entitled to your privacy. I believe this is noted in that thing called the CONSTITUTION!!! According to... (25 replies)
... Here I am on a Saturday night again at home while my husband is out. My husband goes out just about every weekend while I sit at home. Tonight he went out with friends to a game that is about an hour away. ... (9 replies)
... Men do it too. My guy's friends have tried to convince him that I am a controlling, jealous witch and have tried time and again to break us up, because he doesn't feel like "partying" with them when he's with me. ... (54 replies)
... I know where you are coming from jennie, but I also think that it would be really hard to work on my jealousy issues without someone. I really don't know how I would work on it by myself. I feel like I need to work on it with a partner, you know what I'm saying? (8 replies)
... have before you got involved with anyone. what I mean is this, I have been cheated on before, so had my husband, but I don't think that's an excuse for us to be jealous towards each other, controlling, etc. This is a different relationship, different people. ... (8 replies)
... product of his being in prison, if he will stop being sulky and controlling when he is free again, I would keep investing in the relationship. But you will need a lot of patience and devotion. ... (9 replies)
... Thank you all!!! You made me feel not so crazy, jealous and "controlling" like I've been told that I am. It hurts that he's preoccupied in mind and actions with any woman that says hello to him. ... (10 replies)
... is case, you are not overreacting. What he is doing is causing you to feel insecure and in truth, who wouldn't be insecure under those circumstances. He is being controlling and definitely not putting your feelings first. Sure, we all feel good when someone of the opposite flirts with us. It makes us feel "hey, I've still got it!! ... (10 replies)
... Is he jealous that you get compliments on your efforts and he doesn't? ... (5 replies)
... I'm afraid of hearing the name calling once again and losing the self esteem in return. I love him...because I know the person he is and has been when not being controlling and jealous. ... (42 replies)
... Where does one draw the line? My husband is extremely jealous & controlling, and it's driving me crazy. He has to hear from me at least several times an hour when I'm working (via email)....If I leave my office for an errand, and he hasn't heard from me, he thinks something is up. The other night I awoke at 3:00am to use the bathroom, instead of using the one in our room... (42 replies)
Spy vs. Lie
Mar 30, 2017
... When we try to control someone else rather than to control our own emotions, a scenario pops up that proves we cannot find peace by controlling others. ... (10 replies)
... I had my fair share of insecurities, but I got over them. Because life is too short to be jealous over someone. I don't get mad if he looks in a way to another woman. I don't get mad if he even talks to another woman. It's he who gets mad. ... (7 replies)
Feeling Stuck
Apr 16, 2013
... I have a 5 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. The 5 year old is jealous of the 1 year old and tries to get negative attention. This makes me cranky. My husband is always a grouch. He has sleep apnea and I don't get good sleep either. ... (8 replies)
... You say he boosts your confidence, yet in the same breath you say he makes you feel bad. You can't boost someone's confidence by making them feel bad. I think you mistakenly think he boosts your confidence by being such a sycophant, worshipping you and adoring you. But it's a fake kind of ego boost. You don't respect him and you think he's beneath you, and it sounds like he... (7 replies)
... Recently my husband and I put our house up for sale. My father caught wind of this and became enraged. How dare I make such a big decision without consulting him! ... (12 replies)
... My second question pertains to my ex. We split up 6 months ago and he is currently living with the girl he was cheating on me with. She is very jealous and controlling and has forbidden him to speak to any of his exes or even any of his friends she doesn't approve of. ... (19 replies)

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