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... should i forget about my crush and focus on other things or pursue what i want? ... (3 replies)
... I have a co-worker that is under my supervision that I am pretty sure has feelings for me. He is constantly flirting with me and doing the subtle things like touching my arm, rubbing my back, and standing unusually close when we talk. He is really a great guy, and I am totally flattered by it, but I am happily married, coming up on my 7 year Anniversary, and this guy knows... (10 replies)
... I think it's great that you told your husband. I'm not married yet, but to me, a marriage is truly a union of two people who work together to solve life's problems together. He's your partner and your friend. He should be the one whom you go to when things happen, because he should be helping you fight battles. It's you guys vs. the world. So, I think it's really great... (12 replies)

... why can't you just be polite and treat him like any other co-worker. when he says happy birthday, say thanks and go about your business. He should get the hint. Don't do anything to make him think you're interested. I think if you make more out of it you could get labeled as the trouble maker, even if you're not. Also if you do decide to do something, I would put it in... (12 replies)
... I think you should tell him directly that as he has made you uncomfortable in expressing these feelings, which was entirely inappropriate in view of the fact that he knows you are married, you just cannot continue with a friendship on any level. You should put it as simply as that. I know you dont want to be hurtful, you sound like a very nice person, but probably a... (12 replies)
... Im writing here to get some opinions and advice on how to deal with people who doesnt seem to have some tact! It happened early this morning when I was telling my co-worker/acquaintance/former-crush to text msg me because i got a new phone and i lost his number. so he said "oh ok. i will". then a few mins later he text msged me saying "hello PIGGY! this is Matt(hes using the... (30 replies)
... I agree with Nini here. IF you are so happy with your marriage then you have to realize the value from it. You dont want this one thing to mess it all up. If you do mess it all up you may lose your marriage, a co-worker, and suffer with office rumors. think about it... (21 replies)
... I tend to think it's just a choice you make. If you know you're happily married and you value your marriage and really don't want to mess it up, then you won't. Especially if you find a way to put new energy into your marriage. A year is a little long to still have a novelty crush on this co-worker, but I wouldn't totally depend on the feelings just going away by themselves.... (21 replies)
... Yes, I thought about going through the hassle of changing my cell phone number , but I have to be on-call at work. Given his position, he would have access to my new number at work anyway, so what is the point. My husband has only got mad about this because it has gone on so long, and he thinks I'm being way too passive about it. But, I may have to work around him in the... (12 replies)
... hmmmm i used to have a crush on him...seriously its really not an issue anymore. it was a long time ago...ive absolutely NO ATTRACTION for him anymore... ... (30 replies)
... Puhleeze, we are talking about some idiot guy, who you "have a crush on", and who has made no romantic obligation towards you, right? ... (30 replies)
... y is flirting like mad with you and you are encouraging him by going over to visit, staying and talking with him for hours, etc. You admitted you've developed a crush on him. that's not how friendships begin, most of the time. And for him to call his fiance a 'sort of roommate' doesn't show that he's a nice guy at all. ... (11 replies)
... Except, in the past couple of weeks I've developed this little crush on my coworker. ... (3 replies)
... When we were together It was Great, and I felt awesome dating a co worker, going into work together in the mornings, working late at night and going home together... ... (12 replies)
What can I do?
Mar 15, 2011
... worker. At first I thought he was interested in me and I started to develop a crush on him. But then one day we were talking at lunch and as soon as this new girl started talking to him he blew me off and disappeared with her. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you for reading my story. I canít talk to friends or family about this. I am getting married in a month, and I am either having a serious case of cold feet or Iím making a mistake. I met my fiancť over 5 years ago. We immediately hit it off physically, but he was only 24 years old, and I was 30, so we wanted very different things at that point in our lives. I wanted... (23 replies)
... be a flirty girl in my opinion however im unsure whether she is interested in me or just being herself. She initiated contact with me by getting my number from a co worker but she only texts me after i text her. In work she tells me about other guys that she likes and has often tried to assess what my type of girl is. ... (5 replies)
... it took us a good few months for me to gain Phil's trust. I lied about speaking and seeing this ex co worker and wasn't until i got caught eating lunch with him that i admitted i'd developed a crush on the guy. ... (10 replies)
... I know you don't work together, except exceptionally. :) But I guess you both work in the same space, right? So, if you change the environment, if you tidy it up, as much as possible, if you add some little personal things (a picture, a poster, a vase of flowers, a stick of incense, homemade cookies at his reach, whatever), you will be making some difference in the room, and... (3 replies)
... Pendulum, Hi there. First of all thanks for your words of encouragement. I was actually thinking about bringing some home-made gooey butter cookies. I have won the hearts of many by those tasty treats :)....however, the only problem with that gesture is we don't work together unless he picks up a weekend shift...... Oh and he isn't married nor does he have any children.... (3 replies)

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