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... I would much rather have my BF engage in cyber sex than real sex, but it's still not right. You should question why that person is looking for sex outside of your relationship.... ... (19 replies)
... Yes, I think cyber sex is absolutely considered cheating. ... (19 replies)
... say YES it is cheating. My answer is yes it is cheating. I would not stay with something that I found out was cyber cheating on me! ... (19 replies)

... I think Cyber Sex qualifies as unfaithful behavior. ... (19 replies)
... Of course it is. Any sexual act that you do with someone other than your partner, no matter what means are being used, is cheating. P.S. I am not condoning cheating, but if I had to cheat I'd cheat with someone real, not virtual. What is the point? (19 replies)
... If it is something you wouldn't do in front of your partner or something you wouldn't want your partner doing to you then, YES, it is cheating. Putting the word "cyber" or "phone" in front of it doesn't change a thing. (19 replies)
... but i am wondering what is the cyber sex. How it is done. ... (19 replies)
... I'm just really wondering if cyber sex is cheating. ... (19 replies)
... oh Sunny my friend, if I was there I'd give you a big hug......please accept a cyber hug {{hug}}. I agree with Pendulum, be glad you don't live close to her.... I don't even know what to say other than she's messed up...... (8 replies)
I feel horrible
Oct 16, 2013
... Ok so I'm really upset with myself because of something I said 2 YEARS AGO!!! Basically I was at my friends house and she was having a fight with some other girl that went to our school over text. I was sort of telling her things to put but not really hurtful things but just kind of like "you said this yesterday and that was kinda rude" blah blah blah. Anyway, at one point... (8 replies)
Lonely and Scared
Mar 21, 2012
... Hi Sati! 1st a cyber hug of friendship! ... (6 replies)
... Hello, I have been experiencing anxiety attacks since I broke up with my ex about two months ago. He broke up with me because he said that he was not ready to be fully committed and that he was afraid, but that he loves me deeply and because he cares that much he prefered to break up with me rather than to hurt me in the future. The first two weeks were awful, constant... (1 replies)
... And PS. I agree with the above posters, get the cyber floozy out of your hotel room ASAP!!!!!!! ... (5 replies)
... I just realized why you would think I was "cyber stalking" him and his gf... because I mentioned her age and just graduating and her pictures. I just wanted to clarify (though it doesn't really matter) that the reason I knew all of this is because he works with her and was "friends" with her on FB while we were still together. I know the girl too... I've met her several times... (12 replies)
... Well, it just keeps getting worse. Now I talked to the ex of his that emailed me, and she told me that as long as a year ago, he was "sexting" her and sending her naked pics of himself. It was always when he would've been at work or on weekends. He was also "sharing" porn with her on stumble quite often. The funny thing is, I'm just numb. I'm extremely angry, but at the same... (12 replies)
... Then, make sure you insist to your friends that they don't talk about him. All that does is get you all upset. Don't cyber stalk him or his girlfriend, just remove yourself completely. Don't waste time wondering why he chose this girl or if she's right for him. ... (12 replies)
... What Larrylou said is right. You will NEVER "get it right" because even if for some reason you decide you are going to try to do every single thing he says to do, exactly as he says to do it, he will STILL abuse you and call you names. He doesn't want to stop, his goal is to keep being mean to you because he is insecure and has low self esteem. He found someone who he can... (11 replies)
... Sorry, but I didn't believe for one second he'd stick to the "agreement". He didn't care about your feelings while you were a couple, and now that you're broken up he feels like he has a free pass to do anything he wants...which, actually, he does. He probably figures that if you choose to continue to live with him that you're OK with whatever he does, even if you say you... (17 replies)
... I know that..Its cyber.....From my side, I have good life, supportive family...everything I have that necessary for a life.....Moreover, I have many responsibilities (family side) that restrict me to move away from family...She knows all these very well and appreciate my effort to support family and keeping contact her on daily basis....From her side, she belongs to another... (27 replies)
... benefits because 1. you two are not physically intimate as you live in different countries , and 2. because she doesnt want to get naked on camera for you. Its cyber as another post said. I dont think you should expect anything from her. ... (27 replies)

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