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... ex to deal with. My son is 22 years old now and lives with his father because I moved across the country for work. As I mentioned, my ex is very toxic. His way of parenting has always been punitive. ... (5 replies)
... parachute jumping, got a concert lined up in a few months, talking to friends, thinking about changing my home with some new stuff, maybe a new car, looking for someone new, wanting to get on, all that stuff which on the face of it is positive. ... (24 replies)
... I've held off seeing other people until I felt ok to do so, and as I think I mentioned in a previous post I didn't even try with someone else who was interested beforehand. ... (24 replies)

... I had a hard time getting my worthless ex out of my head, but then HE actually helped me. I had to go pick up some of my stuff from him, and the things he said to me were unbelieveable! ... (24 replies)
... Hi Giant Squid, I'm in a similar position myself having met someone that I utterly wanted to be with and who was also my best friend. ... (13 replies)
... I also got rid of my narcissistic ex after many years of struggle. ... (24 replies)
... forward to 20 years from now, part of me can try to relate to what you're going through. ... (40 replies)
... went out with her for 3 years, talk of marrage, kids blah blah blah. ... (15 replies)
... its hard to foregt such a significant period you shared with another perosn and put it out of your head like it never happened...i know some people can do this but not me! ... (15 replies)
... Hi all, cheers for your posts! ... (24 replies)
... To Calmbloke and Emoprairiedog, I think the worst part of the fallout is being left unable to trust your own instincts. ... (24 replies)
... Please someone help me I am insane with grief. I can't think straight, I am just totally out of my head right now!The man I so dearly love has dumped me for the third time... It is the same story each time... ... (3 replies)
... year relationship. Actually, my relationship ended a LOT like yours except it was half as long and we didn't live together. We talked of marriage all the time, and I actually sort of regarded him as my fiancee. I know that sounds silly, but I did. ... (5 replies)
... As much as I try to busy myself, I still can't help but think of my ex almost all the time. ... (16 replies)
... I call you son because you are almost the same age of my youngest son. I'm not joining in to change your mind. I believe you can only be who you perceive yourself to be and nothing more. ... (113 replies)
... or guy is worth giving your life up for by spending all your time thinking about only them. Life is much to short. Your young, go out and have some fun and try to forget about her. She has moved on and hopefully you will do the same. ... (6 replies)
... I am so sorry to hear your story and the pain comes though clearly in your words. As a parent of a teenage child myself, I cannot fathom how a parent could do such a thing. Your parents have made a choice that has such a loss attached to it... ... (6 replies)
... wind romance of spending almost every day together, etc, ect, and I am sure that we had problems right from the start but were involved with each other to notice. ... (12 replies)
... There's really nothing you can do to immediately feel better, sorry to say. Getting over a break up always takes time no matter what you do, but the best general advice I feel is to stay active and keep busy. ... (2 replies)
... You shouldn't. You're not the one that cheated and lied and did all of these horrible things. HE is the one who did this, HE is the one who should be feeling worthless! ... (16 replies)

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