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... So looks don't matter, what men say don't matter, it is only how they think of themselves? ... (88 replies)
... confident as long as she cannot see you, but in person your confidence isn't there, and ladies can see that instantly. ... (88 replies)
... I call you son because you are almost the same age of my youngest son. I'm not joining in to change your mind. I believe you can only be who you perceive yourself to be and nothing more. ... (88 replies)

... I can do a search and find tons of pages of physically deformed people. Does that mean they ARE me? ... (88 replies)
... ing a balding women if she was also in good shape and lived her passions. Because I want a women in shape, that does not make me shallow in the slightest. I work out 6x a week, I eat healthy, I would want the same in another. Being in shape is within someone's control, so yeah I might pass on them for dating. ... (88 replies)
... According to your standards no one should love her. Does that make us saints or bad people since we love a balding person? ... (88 replies)
... s this I managed to get him a job at my work as I felt whilst he was at home it would be good if he could get a well paid job and earn some money before he moves out somewhere else.. He told me he would sort out transport when he had some money together.. ... (5 replies)
... What im pushing at here, is just take a step back and look at yourself honestly and dispassionately and not for 5 minutes. Take time out thinking about women, thinking about how you look. Spend time doing what makes you happy, what relaxes you. ... (88 replies)
... I think it is why I always had a vanity complex and felt that I have to look great for people to like me. I also had a lot of good looking friends and now that I am not as great looking I am kind of getting shunned out, so yeah it has effected me. It is not just friends and family... ... (88 replies)
... your mother also can contribute to baldness gene as well, if she has 1 normal and 1 mutant, and your dad has a balding gene, your more likey to have it. if your dad balds early, its a sign. ... (88 replies)
... Yes I have genetic balding. My dad went bald at a very young age. I noticed my hairline starting to recede at 16. I started on Propecia at the age of 19, it held my hair for a good decade...and it bit more, but it was still slowly going. ... (88 replies)
... MSNik, Another thing I forget to mention. Through my 20s I hated that I was going bald and drank a lot, smoked, stayed out late. I didn't take care of my skin and now I have wrinkles under my eyes. I look older than I am. ... (88 replies)
... parachute jumping, got a concert lined up in a few months, talking to friends, thinking about changing my home with some new stuff, maybe a new car, looking for someone new, wanting to get on, all that stuff which on the face of it is positive. ... (24 replies)
... I've held off seeing other people until I felt ok to do so, and as I think I mentioned in a previous post I didn't even try with someone else who was interested beforehand. ... (24 replies)
... I had a hard time getting my worthless ex out of my head, but then HE actually helped me. I had to go pick up some of my stuff from him, and the things he said to me were unbelieveable! ... (24 replies)
... Hi Giant Squid, I'm in a similar position myself having met someone that I utterly wanted to be with and who was also my best friend. ... (13 replies)
... I also got rid of my narcissistic ex after many years of struggle. ... (24 replies)
... forward to 20 years from now, part of me can try to relate to what you're going through. ... (40 replies)
... went out with her for 3 years, talk of marrage, kids blah blah blah. ... (15 replies)
... its hard to foregt such a significant period you shared with another perosn and put it out of your head like it never happened...i know some people can do this but not me! ... (15 replies)

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