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... Sorry, I need more examples before I would call your husband controlling. ... (25 replies)
... I've been married for 3 yrs and basically I think my husband can be condescending, controlling and he expects me to be someone I'm not. ... (25 replies)
... he more interesting and controversial posts I've been reading. I love a neat, clean and organized house, but doing it myself is my least favorite thing. I used to be able to afford a maid to come in once a week, but I found out over time, she was lazy. ... (25 replies)

... Back in the old days of "love, honour and OBEY", you would have been expected to put up with this, but nowhere in the rule book of modern partnerships does it say that you cannot just say "You don't like the bed? ... (25 replies)
... Well, if your relationship with your husband reminds you of living at home with your parents, that tells me a lot as a marriage should not remind you of living with your parents, a marriage is all about compromise and it takes work to make a marriage work. ... (25 replies)
... My thoughts exactly. You could do whatever and he'd still find a way to pick on you. He's just a big bully and I can see why you're frustrated. I wouldn't want to stay married to someone like that. ... (25 replies)
... Hi, my intention was not to compare but to say that after 40 hours of working there is still plenty of time to do simple things.. ... (25 replies)
... I've enjoyed reading this thread. I love that the "neatniks" turned the water at the sink into toothpaste and spit. I think that explains a lot. The water, to them, was much more than that. ... (25 replies)
... hours is excessive! To compare that with 40 and say that 40 is therefore not a lot is unfair. Everyone is different in terms of what they can handle. ... (25 replies)
... or walked 2 or 3 times a day, etc. Or if you have a fenced in yard, dogs are supposed to let you know when they have to go out. My dogs always did. ... (25 replies)
... That's unacceptable. Don't put up with it! I would tell him to shove it in his posterior and knock it off unless he wants to find himself out on his ear. ... (25 replies)
... First of all, it's just basic adult responsibility to keep a living space clean to some extent. I do not think it's too much to ask to expect anyone, no matter how "neat" or "slobby" they are to hold up a few basic cleanliness rules. ... (25 replies)
... I would never do that anymore. I agree that no one should have to clean that up. It's just water that gets splashed onto the sink counter. That is just one example though. ... (25 replies)
... scribed would really bother me, too. Not cleaning out your spit and toothpaste out of the sink after you're done with it is disgusting. No one else should have to do that! ... (25 replies)
... I was upstairs in the bedroom, my husband was downstairs watching tv. The dog accidentally peed on the carpet in the bedroom and according to him this was my fault because I should have been watching him because he was in the same room as me, so I got scolded. ... (25 replies)
... One other thing to keep in make messes. Big ones. Reasonable people realize this and make accomodations. I have a feeling your husband would expect the house to remain spotless even with young children around. Imagine THOSE arguements... ... (25 replies)
... Love is an action is shown by actions not words. In order to love, one must respect the other, he is showing you no respect. This will only continue to get worse. And, just wait, kids do not bring people together, many times it pulls them apart. ... (25 replies)
... As is usual, . . . I tend to agree with my friend, rosequartz. This guy does NOT love you. He OWNS you. Real love will never demand . . . especially stupid things like you've mentioned. ... (25 replies)
... this is not love...... this is control, manipulation and abuse your husband is on a power trip and expects you to just bow to his whim smart move not having kids now......I wouldn't have them EVER with this man (25 replies)
... Life's too short to quibble over the small stuff like if the bed is wrinkled or the candle not in place by 1". ... (25 replies)

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