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... Now that I am human again, I feel so guilty about the time I lost. I feel like I lost so much of hub's affection and love during that time. He says everything is fine and he loves me, but I sense something else. ... (3 replies)
Is it cheating?
Mar 29, 2017
... esult of never being praised as a child, and always being slapped by her mother because she was bright and asked questions and spoke up. She has grown enormously in self esteem during our marriage, and as she gained experience and expertise in her chosen field of work. ... (26 replies)
Is it cheating?
Mar 29, 2017
... elephone trail, and the "other" was a man that my wife knew 30 years ago at school, university and during her first marriage. She never fancied him, but she knew he certainly fancied her. His sister was one of her friends, and she did go out with him on a couple of occasions. ... (26 replies)

... I've been in the situation where I was the other girl.. ... (2 replies)
... I was supposed to go on Sat afternoon and get there around 8pm but he had to work so I prepared to leave early sun morning, get a text at 2am saying he'd finished early so if I wanted to come up earlier I could. ... (25 replies)
... This guy is doing everything but telling you to go the H away! Sorry but he's being a total jerk for a reason. You can't avoid the inevitable... ... (25 replies)
... So two phonecalls to him tonight and both times he's said goodbye and I have said I love you and he tried to avoid it but because I said it he dutifully said love you too. Not his usual self at all!! ... (25 replies)
... This situation is driving me insane!! ... (25 replies)
... I have been very good today, he sent a text first thing and I replied then I called him for about 10 mins and I haven't sent a single text since. ... (25 replies)
... It is so hard not being able to do or say anything that may upset him, the relationship is hanging by a thread and he has the scissors! I know a long distance relationship isn't ideal but he is everything to me and yet he just seems more distant every day. ... (25 replies)
... Ok, spoke to him this morning and he was annoyed at my messages last night. He went to bed at 8pm and didn't hear the phone. ... (25 replies)
... Look men are just weird about stuff. Im going through something with my bf now. What I do notice that really works is when you STOP trying to find him and stop calling and asking questions. Let him miss you, let him be the one to pick up the phone and call you. ... (25 replies)
... Don't fret. He has a new job, new digs, lots going on. Just think of army wives, etc. A letter a week used to be all they could expect. Talk once a day, don't badger him. ... (25 replies)
... at or so I thought, it's like he's got this job and it's now too much hassle to try and have a long distance relationship. I feel like by not texting or calling he is trying to make me finish it and so he can get with someone near where he works, anything for an easy life. ... (25 replies)
... each other straight away we are both from the uk and just clicked and spent a wonderful evening together but we both behaved ourselves. Trouble was we were both in crap relationships at the time and to cut a long story short we both went home and within a week were both single and free to see each other. ... (25 replies)
... HI all! I am new to this forum. Hope all is well. ... (4 replies)
... I'm very confused here! I'll be 26 next month, and boyfriend is 26. We've been dating for 3 years and live together in our own place for 1 year already. His Father passed away a few weeks ago. The other day I asked him if he was happy in the relationship and he said, I guess yea. ... (7 replies)
... girlfriend. They had broke up 5 years ago and he claims they are still just good friends. They talk on the phone weekly and see each other about once a week. ... (6 replies)
Still in love
Oct 7, 2008
... You do not need to let him know that because he already knows it, believe me. He knows he could have you back at any moment and he chooses not to. This is your chance to have the upper hand bluesky123! Honestly, the best thing for you to do is to send him his things and not hand deliver them. ... (79 replies)
Still in love
Sep 25, 2008
... The problem with being selfish is that someone could get hurt. You could be honest with someone and tell them that you are still in love with your ex and just want them around to make you feel better, but don't expect many takers for that unless you are willing to throw sex into the agreement. ... (79 replies)

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