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... gee, i dunno...why did the last 10 girls i made out with at the club not answer the phone when i called them 2 days after because i wanted to hang out and get to know them better? ... (103 replies)
... Because men think nothing of lying. I don't know why men grow up thinking it's ok to lie to women like they do, but they just do. ... (103 replies)
... Ok, so did I ruin "the chase" by calling this guy and asking him to hang out after our first date? ... (9 replies)

... As for the incident you mention, this is a gray area. I think it would depend on how the two of you ended the phone conversation before the part. Did he say he would call? ... (103 replies)
... In fairness to my bf, and to a lot of men who find themselves in that exact situation, there isnt always a sense of cruelty involved. ... (103 replies)
... It's the exact same situation, just over a longer period of time. It does suck, but all I can say is, no matter who doesn't like to hear it, is MEN LIE. ... (103 replies)
... be chased by a woman they aren't into, and all the chasing in the world won't make them BECOME into you, and if they ARE into you, THEY WILL LET YOU KNOW IN SUCH A WAY THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO WONDER ABOUT IT and you won't have to chase them. ... (103 replies)
... Innocence, I don't think it's a good idea to approach dating with a fear of being rejected. ... (103 replies)
... Well, absolutely, I think this goes without saying. The woman has to respond and show her interest as well, or it will go nowhere. BUT... ... (103 replies)
... all i can say is that i'd like to know when someone is really interested. i'm just tired of the calling and getting endless voicemail, endless flaking, endless changing of much chasing are you expecting? ... (103 replies)
... I think you misunderstood. I'm not talking about game playing at all, I don't agree with game playing either, it doesn't get anyone anywhere. I'm just saying that there are some women who just don't get the hint, and they sacrifice their dignity because of it. ... (103 replies)
... Argh, I texted...obviously he hasn't texted back, because only 20mins have passed and it'll take him hours and hours to text back. Does he do this because he can't he bothered or because he doesn't want to look desperate? ... (103 replies)
... Oh I don't know. Right now I'm too upset to want to see him..i would've been upset that we saw each other by chance and hadn't actually meant to see each other. He's online on facebook right now..guess he's back from the cricket. Argh!!! Haven't texted him yet... ... (103 replies)
... I still think it'd be madness to call Innocence. Of course if you're going to call you're going to call, but be warned! ... (103 replies)
... Just skimmed over the more recent posts, i know the curiosity is killing you and you gotta do what you gotta do, but really, if you must text him tonight, don't ask him out. ... (103 replies)
... Hmm, I kind of wish I had replied to him saying he wants to meet up again. The reason I didn't was because it was a statement, rather than a question..he wasn't asking if I wanted to! He just said we should arrange to meet up and will hopefully talk soon...hmm. ... (103 replies)
... P.S. When he wrote a message saying 'it was lovely meeting you, I had a great time with you..we should arrange to meet up sometime soon' etc, and then said 'it was even nicer with you in it too'.. ... (103 replies)
... thank you for your honesty. It's better knowing the truth, rather than fooling myself into thinking he's interested in me. ... (103 replies)
... No, I don't think you ruined it for good. So he knows that you like him and that you had a good time. He knows you're interested. If he wants you, if he's that into you, and if he has any cajones at all, he will come and get you. ... (9 replies)
... If you want to start a thread titled "Why do women do this? ... (103 replies)

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