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... Is it yours? Whose idea is it not to talk, yours or hers? If you're sure it is in fact yours, does she want you involved? Do you want to be involved? If it is yours and you know this for sure, you should step up to the plate and be a man and provide for it as much as you can. The important thing to do now is that both of you love this child more than you hate each other. The... (3 replies)
... We will need a bit more information. Has she definitely decided to have the child? If so, does she want you involved and do you want to be involved with the birth, etc? Helping you depends on some of these answers. (3 replies)
... I don't know what to do with a pregnant ex girlfriend we don't talk (3 replies)

... I will give you a very simple answer: No, you can't be friends with a pregnant ex-girlfriend for one reason. When the baby is born, unless she proves to be a very bad mother, she will have eyes only for the baby and no time for you as a friend, let alone as a partner. You will end up as a provider. Is that what you want to be? I don't think so, so please stop feeling... (32 replies)
... messages later and she had told me that she really feels strongly about me. Last night in her good night text message she basically said she would like to be my girlfriend but I held back. I figured that had something to do with her mood this evening. So I asked her if she would like to be my girlfriend. ... (32 replies)
... I agree with what you're saying here, brokenhearted83. I have told her that I would like to see her get back with her ex-boyfriend - as long as she can trust him - for their sake and that of the baby. However, whilst I'm around, with the history between us, I am limiting the possibility of that eventuality. Thanks, rosequartz. My ex-girlfriend's mother is an alcoholic and... (32 replies)
... well if it happens there is nothing you can do about it. does she have a mother? let her mother worry about it. she's not your responsibility, this baby is not your responsibility. you're not ignoring her, you're just not getting involved where it's not your place to be involved. save yourself a lot of trouble down the line, don't be involved with her or her problems, let... (32 replies)
... You don't have to ignore her. But this hasn't got much to do with you, Johnny. Your not the father, you're not in a relationship, nor do you want to be in a relationship. You'll not only be doing yourself a favour by backing off away from this situation but also her - she also doesn't need someone confusing her. I think you should gently pull away and who knows may... (32 replies)
... Hey, guys! Just a quick reply, whilst I'm at work, to say thanks for all your replies. I want to read them properly and get back to everyone when I'm at home later. In the mean time, I am scared for my ex-girlfriend and her baby because she was in hospital on Wednesday evening with stomach cramps. She has to wait until her next scheduled scan next Wednesday before finding out... (32 replies)
... s when she told me she was pregnant and that she had split up with her boyfriend. Alarm bells started ringing straight away. ... (32 replies)
... Don't worry, its not an abormality, nor an overly bad problem to have! ;) My ex was like that (not saying you're like him that much, he was a jerk overall, you're clearly not). He led me on for months, and months because he felt like he couldn't say no, or so he says, and kept saying "I only did it for you not for me." You're not like my ex, he didn't have good intentions... (32 replies)
... Thanks for your reply, brokenhearted83. You have identified what I am afraid of by coming here for advice: you guys will tell it to me straight and make me realise what I am afraid to admit to myself. Louise does have feelings for me. She's told me as much. The other day her sister asked why we didn't get back together and Louise joked about how I had told her I just want... (32 replies)
... If you aren't interested, then move away. This isn't a place for even the best of friends. It is a family matter, between her, her ex and her family. Its rather naive of you to think you can help. You can't. Its all one big illusion! Wake up! ... (32 replies)
... Hi all :wave: I apologise that it’s taken me so long to reply. I have been reading everybody’s replies and, if I’m honest, it is cowardice that has stopped me from responding. A few things have happened… Louise found out that her ex-boyfriend, the father of her unborn baby, cheated on her whilst they were still together and after they found out she was pregnant. This... (32 replies)
... I'm glad there is a potential girlfriend on the horizon ;) Great news! See? You never know what lies around the corner. But as rose has suggested, tread carefully. You need to meet first of all to establish if there is any chemistry. Who knows. You may hit it off as well as you have done so online and on the phone. Or maybe not. You never know! So I look forward to you meeting... (32 replies)
... The way girls can get guys to fall for this is unbelieveable. The "poor me" routine. My guy's ex pulls the "poor me" routine all the time, and he used to fall for it, but then he got wise. ... (32 replies)
... As for the person who posted this...well I'd normally be on his side, but I'm pretty sure if she wasn't pregnant he would gladly "take her back", have sex with her and all that goes with it...but since she's pregnant she suddenly turned into a huge persona non grata... ... (32 replies)
... He has come back to her before and most probably will again. I see a scenario of her living with you and the baby, and you both being torn apart when her ex comes to claim her back again, either with or without acknowledging the baby. The whole thing is fraught with disaster and heartbreak. Sera. ... (32 replies)
... who was living with a girl. She cheated on him, then moved her new boyfriend into their apartment and made my friend sleep on the couch. She then found herself pregnant and said it was the new boyfriend's baby. ... (32 replies)
... friends? friends don't treat people the way she treated you trust me you're only around because you can DO something for her......once you've outlived your usefullness you will be history...... I know people like this, they just aren't worth wasting your time on. this girl is a user and found herself in a pickle.....she's pregnant.....oh well, not your problem! Be... (32 replies)

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