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... So you had one good day organizing together and the problem of your "self-absorbed husband" is solved? (35 replies)
... Ok, well I had financial problems when I first divorced. I had to have 3 jobs to make ends meet. Sure, as a single mother I could have told my ex to stop sending child support so I could have gone on welfare. Instead, I worked an 8 hour job Monday through Thursday, another job on Friday and Sunday, and did side work on off hours. I had one day a week off, Saturday. Now I... (35 replies)
... he's self absorbed, have you ever considered the possibility that he may be a narcississt? ... (35 replies)

... gry when perfectly abled people who can work choose not to and instead take from everyone else who IS working. You have actually admitted that both you and your husband have chosen not to work because you think you would make the same amount whether you were working or drawing unemployment. ... (35 replies)
... My husband and I have always paid more taxes in one year than we've ever gotten out of government assistance. ... (35 replies)
... What about your husband? Has he any new-found resolve to get a job too? Or has he too decided that he can make a better living on government assistance? What happens when that runs out? I understand that the benefits are not unlimited. (35 replies)
... and prove that you can take care of yourself so that you get your self esteem back and have self worth. Then, if your worthless husband dumps on you, you can basically call your own shots... ... (35 replies)
... My husband is a veteran and gets free health insurance because he has a minor service related injury. I don't have insurance but I can go to a free clinic. ... (35 replies)
... hings to change your situation, you just kind of let it go and hope that the other person will magically change. You may be "passive", since you would like your husband to be more motivated but don't want to "make" him change, so you don't say anything or do anything differently. ... (35 replies)
... dent contractor who has been placed in a long term position where they are actually making money. People who flitter around from job to job with no focus are not self employed. My mom is an independent contractor who splits her time between 3 different law firms. ... (35 replies)
... My husband is younger than me, but only by a year. Our birthdays are within 2 days of each other. I have always been attracted and dated younger men. ... (35 replies)
... you seem to not want any advice on the relationship in general, just how to get your husband a steady job. ... (35 replies)
... I suppose I can see why you, as his wife, might feel it's your job to motivate your husband and make him want to be more of a provider and protector. But in reality, he's a grown man with his own free will. ... (35 replies)
... eone who has and they are trying to give you the benefit of their experience to tell you how to handle it. What did you expect, a guy who is a lazy bum like your husband to post up about how great his life is cause his wife is doing all of the working while he gets to sleep late, watch tv and drink all day? ... (35 replies)
... want to move this time because my children had gone to the same schools their entire life. So I chose to take my several months of severence pay. The time he was self employed was when he was happiest and had his longest work history. ... (35 replies)
... ut and yet trying to protect the way things are. You said he hasn't worked through most of your marriage but then said he's had several jobs as well as years of self employed. I do understand that if you initially post something while you're upset, you can tilt things to be worse than they really are. ... (35 replies)
... lol no narcississm isn't the new word of the year.....maybe it's come up in conversation because people see some of it in him..... maybe you should do a little's not just a fancy buzzword or a derogatory's an actual personality disorder.....NPD, narcississtic personality disorder, and it has nothing to do with having high self-esteem.....quite the... (35 replies)
... years. I didn't say he hasn't worked for 20 years, if I did or implied it, that was a mistake. He has had several jobs in the past 20 years. He has also been self employed for 6 or 7 years until the economy went bad. He may go back to self employment. ... (35 replies)
... but I wouldn't ALLOW a husband to mooch off me for 20 years and not work...... ... (35 replies)
... at's not how you go about asking for help. I don't see what politics have to do with the answers you've gotten so far, anyway. This is about your lazy bum of a husband and his major lack of work ethic. Not working and expecting everyone else to pay for and take care of you is hardly a right wing characteristic. ... (35 replies)

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