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... Since I broke up with my last boyfriend a few years ago, I've had a hard time trusting men. ... (41 replies)
Trusting men
Feb 20, 2012
... I know I'm young and don't have as much experience as you, or pendulum. But in my experience, I've found that you can't trust anyone until they prove their trustworthiness to you. A secretive person does not deserve trust, nor does a person who won't bring you into his/her life, nor does a person who doesn't show enough concern for you. There are endless reasons to NOT trust... (4 replies)
Trusting men
Feb 20, 2012
... All men may be created equal, but grow to different levels. ... (4 replies)

Trusting men
Feb 19, 2012
... All I can say is that many men also have a hard time trusting women. They say that women always have a hidden agenda, lol. ... (4 replies)
Trusting men
Feb 19, 2012
... After a number of years went by, following the break up, I learnt from this painful experience and I grew up. I realised that not all men are the same. I realised the best way to be is to trust men. I knew what I wanted from a relationship with the right man. No drama. No games. Trust. Stability. ... (4 replies)
... en you have never even been in any real kind of relationship at all. Why are we women so darned concerned about men's feelings and how they will take things when men couldn't care less about us or our feelings? ... (41 replies)
... But I think there's another issue at work here. It's not just men you don't trust. You also don't trust yourself. You don't trust yourself to be strong enough to say "thanks but no thanks" and if he gets upset, so what? ... (41 replies)
... he company you work for, not based on his behaviors but based on something that happened to a friend...then yes, that's a problem. That's the same as saying all men are jerks and sleazes, or all women are loose and can't be trusted, or are gold diggers. ... (41 replies)
... Do you find something in his demeanor that suggests he's a maniac, or do you just think that's what men do when they're rejected? ... (41 replies)
... Would you really risk your own or your child's present life and future by trusting a person that is proven and known to be unstable? ... (1 replies)
... not including me in life decisions. Her previous marriage was abusive and she always seems afraid I am going to become that way too and she has a rough time just trusting men in general. ... (13 replies)
Trusting men
Feb 19, 2012
... Thanks Pendulum (4 replies)
... I still have a trusting and hopeful approach to anyone I meet though as I can't dismiss an individual based on what everyone else does. ... (16 replies)
... just a really big thing for me. I have a horrible history with men. My father was absent, I was sexually assaulted by a 'friend' in my teens. I have a hard time trusting men. I feel like over the past 5. ... (13 replies)
... Rose said something that really made me think. She said to someone "Your intuition is telling you not to trust him... listen to it!" I'm notoriously bad at trusting men. ... (7 replies)
... Theres still a lot of good fun loving honest trusting men out there but there hard to find now days. ... (6 replies)
... Who cares why he wants to know? Cut him off now, don't prolong it or you will keep getting more of the same. I take it you're not dating anyone else? Maybe that's why this guy's attention seems better than nothing. Have fun with your son, your friends and family and never mind about this creepy control freak. (41 replies)
... Eww, no way would I marry him. He's bright and I enjoy conversing with him but I have no romantic interest. His being so demanding about where I live and work has probably scared me off more than if he had refrained from asking! Makes me wonder why he wants to know so badly. (41 replies)
... Yes, tell him, "I don't just 'better' gotta do ANYTHING! And tell him you're done. That's all you need to do. This sounds like it's gone on long enough. You're the one who will need to put a stop to it because he will keep persisting. Time to put your foot down and say Thanks it's been real but I'm not interested, have a nice life. End of story. The longer you let... (41 replies)
... You'd "better" get over these issues? Or what? Calling you out? He's supposed to be your friend, casually kind of seeing you to see if the two of you might have some romantic meeting of the minds, not your adversary, not someone who issues warnings and ultimatums. I think you need to really think this through. Hearing you talk about this guy, it really doesn't sound like... (41 replies)

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