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... sitting in his place" She does not like the fact that our family dynamic may be more than the 4 of us. All of these things are very hurtful to me because of all people I never thought she would react this way to such a happy time in my life. ... (2 replies)
... Mom knew of the good vibes and without knowing she has a mind of her own she withholds all experience of that and is just like yes father knows best. If they sat down and listened to each others thoughts and feelings they may of thought maybe I deserve a chance. ... (14 replies)
... English is not my first language, you know. I think I can be rather good with words in my own language, if I am inspired, lol. So take my advice with a pinch of salt, will you? First, wouldn't you rather speak your piece than writing it? I don't know if Joe has the patience of reading letters, and anyway speaking conveys the emotions better than writing, that goes without... (25 replies)

... the most to me. That she was happy. I'm glad that the break up didn't send her in a complete depression, I'm glad she doesn't want to get back together and deep down it's not her that I want to be with. I don't want to find someone like her. ... (23 replies)
... not with my fists or anything like that, I just jumped on the bed, tried to press him down etc. ... (13 replies)
... Yes, like most people in their 20's we went nuts on each other when we were dating and a few years into our marriage. ... (12 replies)
... The only prision you are in is the one you created yourself, now it's time for you to compromise and give up your ministry so you can find the happiness and peace that YOU deserve and are worthy of... Hugs to you, Sunny (12 replies)
... thing to validate surviving what I've survived. But here I also met someone who convinced me he loved me. It was stupid, but I had been lonely too long and I let down my defenses. I have to admit, I was also physically hungry. I am Christian and don't believe in extramarital sex... ... (12 replies)
... What you described above is pretty much what happens to everyone. Sorry but he needs to grow up! I don't know anyone who actually had their life turn out exactly the way they planned it. That only happens in the movies and tv. For him to blame this on you is absolutely asinine! ... (16 replies)
... d as he could not go on with us...You are feeling all this alone and that itself will impact on her as she will pick up on the vibe you are not happy and this in turn will make her insecure and lash out at you. You can't carry this alone you can't make this decision on your own ... ... (25 replies)
... covered his interest in online dating sites. He claimed he just liked to look at and read the profiles, that he's a "people person" and always interested in what people say. I didn't push it, as we were having so many other problems, but I certainly started watching his online activity more. ... (13 replies)
... I don't feel as if I have anywhere else to go. I don't know who to turn to or what I want to hear, so I thought that people I don't know would give me the straightest answers. ... (10 replies)
... from a male's perspective, I've a couple things I would do if this were my wife. first off, I'd dimantle the "mancave" I'd turn it into our bedroom.second,I'd have the internet disconnected! if he can't work during the day and sleep at night? ... (9 replies)
... Okay so I will try not to make this too long because I know that loses people so I will try to make a long story short. ... (4 replies)
... re are people who do all kinds of things that relationship experts will tell you are surefire ways of never meeting anyone and falling in love, and many of these people still fiind love and marry, and even have children. It's just the luckk of the draw. ... (6 replies)
... I'm not a counselor and if you have never seen one, maybe you could benefit from counseling. But my advice to you would be to sign down and write out "feeling letters" to everyone you can think of who bullied you or made you feel inferior. ... (7 replies)
... We all know that fire that two people have for each other when they are absolutely crazy about one another. ... (8 replies)
... at we are both in great health and good looking, phyically built like 20 somethings passing for 15 years younger than we actually are, and pretty much not slowed down by age. But she is more worried about every wrinkle than she is me! ex. ... (12 replies)
... etc. He already knows the answers to all these questions, he just doesn't want to go down that road again. Which is fine, for him. ... (10 replies)
... and when you live abroad away from family and friends and nobody to turn to it is a very bad situation to be in. ... (62 replies)

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