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... n't engage a huge amount with me. Also, he's very kind, loving, attentive and caring when things are going well. It's when my anxieties start flaring up, or when I get upset with him, that things spiral downwards. The trouble is, I am usually always anxious. ... (11 replies)
... really appreciate the time taken to read and respond. All very helpful but I just can't help feeling like it's my fault. You only know my side of the story. That I am the problem. Yes, perhaps I'm addicted to misery. ... (11 replies)
... one of them was even married. So, I think you overreacted a bit. ... (10 replies)

... It happened TWICE right in front of you, not once. I cannot believe the gall of this guy. You are NOT insecure, just smart. To take another women's digits in front of you? ... (10 replies)
Am I insecure?
Jun 18, 2008
... right thing to do to cut this guy out of her life. If he lives in a different state, I'm not sure how much of a threat he really is to your relationship, or even why she'd want to jeapardize your relationship by keeping in contact with a guy who's so far away. ... (10 replies)
... Thank you all for your support. I really appreciate it. I have had many stuggles in my life.... this one being the hardest yet. They say everything happens for a reason.... my job now is to find the reason. ... (7 replies)
... I personally think its more so being uncomfortable than you yourself being insecure. ... (28 replies)
... So I met this guy off an online dating site and we seem to get along really well. ... (27 replies)
... So, I know a lot of people have put this sort of topic on discussions, but I don't think I'm asking the same here goes... ... (21 replies)
... I am right here with you! ... (3 replies)
... do is just keep doing what you need to do and just eff whatever your family thinks, because it's not their life. It's your life. You're the only one living it, so if you are doing stuff that makes you happy, then go with it. We only get once chance at this thing, and that's why we have to do our own thing. ... (8 replies)
... you are so wise and you certainly have been through a hell of a lot. God bless you for not being bitter....just trying to learn from each experience and move forward. ... (130 replies)
Am I a cheater?
Nov 12, 2007
... i take it he wouldnt so yes it would be cheating. there is no excuses for it. sleep on the floor if the couches are taken or ask someone else to sleep in the bed with this bar friend. ... (12 replies)
... I just start to doubt myself like, "why didnt i try harder to get the kids together? ... (7 replies)
... I keep thinking to myself "was is that bad" "Should I call him and try to work things out? ... (10 replies)
... high school. All in all, that ruined my self esteem, my confidence, and i am extremely insecure with myself. Which is why i cannot just approach people and talk to them, in fact, i never do that. ... (27 replies)
... What do i enjoy? ... (27 replies)
... to a guy that has totally changed from our courtship to now, 4 years later. I personally have been through a very rough time in my life and really need him to be there for me. Our relationship during dating was great. ... (5 replies)
... That is why you are so willing to put up with your boyfriend's behavior. You don't want to be hurt again so you are doing anything to hold onto him, even at the expense of your own well being. I can't see how any man is worth that! ... (4 replies)
... I've been in a relationship with someone for almost 7 months now. In the beginning, I was dating several people, and the guy I ended up with...right from the start, we were complicated. ... (4 replies)

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