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[QUOTE=NDH3578;5259250]What foods help stop Restless Legs Syndrome? There has to be one food.[/QUOTE]

Yes, bio-available iron. I use "Easy Iron." It has to be taken when you are having an attack and on an empty stomach preferably. Iron is to RLS what Advil is to muscle cramps and Benadryl is to allergies. But there's no point taking these things in the morning when your allergy or cramps or RLS occur at night. There's a very long and confusing reason for doing this. It seems that our (RLSers) bodies are very stingy with stored iron. I won't go into why. There is just no way, no how the iron regulation system of a person with RLS is going to give the brain enough iron, especially at night, to produce the dopamine it needs to relax the body/legs. So we have to sneak some iron to our brains right at the moment it needs it. A bio-available form will enter our blood stream and the brain can pick it up from there. It should work within 45 minutes and it should work that very first time. Sometimes two capsules are necessary. If it doesn't work then give it up because iron is not like vitamin c or vitamin b which are readily excreted.

If you really want to understand the mechanism behind our stingy iron regulators then google "hepcidin, rls, iron and infection."

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