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... I've had a somewhat painful, tingling feeling on my thighs for about four months now. At first I thought it was the sensation of a Herpes outbreak. ... (3 replies)
... n my toes and feet but has progressed all over my body. Lately I've done alot of yardwork and my arms stay in a cramp. Its so painfull. And Now..I'm getting numb tingling pain torture in my extremities. Not one hour goes by that I feel normal. Normal to me is Pain,cramps,numbness,Pain,Insomnia,Pain,etc etc etc. ... (5 replies)
... f not my muscles are too tight and sometimes even that doesnt help. I have thought about lime disease and researched it. I have about a year ago started having a tingling numbing feeling in my back , it comes and goes its like around the area of the where the shoulder bone is in the back . ... (18 replies)

... Three hours after going to sleep I experience horrible, horrible itching from below my knees to my ankles. Absolutely nothing relieves it except getting up and walking around. Two to three hours later I can go back to sleep, but awaken three hours later to the itching starting again. By then it is time to get up. I have a 9 month old which is leaving me sleep deprived... (2 replies)
Leg pain....
Jan 5, 2007
... :wave: Hi, I'm new here to the boards, I have RLS, I have not experienced any pain with mine, just tingling, jerking, twitching, itchy, crawly feelings. If my legs are still too long then I have symptoms and I feel like I have to get up and move. It is really bad if I'm tired (day or night). I take Requip for it, I take the lowest dose right now so I will have less side... (3 replies)
... I'm 25 years old, and I've been told that my Grandfather has Restless leg Syndrome. When I lay down at night my legs start tingling like their going to sleep. I have to keep moving them to keep the tingling feeling going away. ... (1 replies)
... red up when I was just standing around, such as shopping, cooking, etc. I was always able to get releif by simply sitting or just swatting down. Now the pain and tingling has settled on the outside of my left leg between my hip and knee, I cannot get relief. ... (0 replies)
... My symptoms are a feeling that insects are travelling up and down my legs. I also get some stabbing pain occasionally in my spine and also tingling in my arms. I have no idea why this has started or when it will finish. It seems to be worse after sugar or alcohol and at nightime. ... (7 replies)
... Hi, I,m in a bit of a state at the moment, I was wondering if ANYONE could help... I,ve been suffering with "tingling legs" day and night for the past 2mths, I cant sleep through the night nor can i function through the day without feeling weak, exhausted and tired, I was changing the quilt on my bed yesterday and my arms felt as if they were going to fall off. I have... (0 replies)
Rls in feet?
Jan 2, 2015
... had 3 neck surgery.2 back surgery. Suffer with numbness and tingling in hand,leg,foot. Spinal cord damage. What dr. should I go to see if this is related to RLS? ... (0 replies)
Newbie here!
Jul 16, 2014
... This is my first post here and my first visit to a Restless Leg Syndrome board. ... (2 replies)
... this doesn't sound like RLS. RLS usually doesn't affect someone your age and will 99.9% of the time be in both legs. albeit RLS is a neurological disorder, which from the sound of it is the type of problem you are having, it honestly doesn't fit with RLS. you should go see a neurologist when you can, meds like gabapentin and lyrica will probably help your situation. (2 replies)
... foot. It's almost like a wave down my muscles I guess and there's nothing I can do to stop it. My thigh tenses up and sometimes my leg will shift next it'll move into my calf and ultimately into the arch of my foot making my toes curl and it's beyond the point of annoying and uncomfortable. ... (2 replies)
... hour before bed. I still get a little tingling in the toe areas once in a while but able to get through it. ... (12 replies)
Is this RLS?
Apr 2, 2013
... the nerves are involved down by my ankle and that is when it is SUPER painful. Since I have been drinking Tonic water and taking Xanax and magnesium and hylands leg cramps they haven't been as bad at night... some nights I don't even wake up with them. But it's always in the evening. ... (5 replies)
... The Remicade has sorted out my arthritis for the most part and now I am left leg problems. ... (2 replies)
RLS and Bad Back
Dec 2, 2012
... it wasnt the first time I had what I think was a sign of restless leg syndrome. ... (10 replies)
Apr 9, 2012
... ough they're within the bone. I'm 20 years old and I've recently started getting them again. Some nights I get a weird feeling as well. It's like a tight, weird, tingling feeling. Almost like when yer foot falls asleep and it tickles really badly. Not to the same extent, just enough to be irritating. ... (2 replies)
... I suffer from Restless Leg syndrome and it is miserable. ... (0 replies)
... Lately when I'm sleeping my leg and feet get tingling and I feel an urge to move it. Lots of times it itches, the itching starts in my feet then move up to leg and then to rest of the body. After sitting for awhile my feet get tired, although I think that is normal. ... (1 replies)

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