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Quinine tablets
Mar 27, 2015
... law takes Quinine for RLS, so when my problems started to bother me, I asked mt doctor. He said that they're not safe, and advised me to go the potasium direction, via eating bananas. ... (6 replies)
Quinine tablets
Mar 29, 2015
... Excellent. You have found something that works. But your journey has just begun. You know the Mirapex is there for you, always there for you. So one night try potassium, no? ... (6 replies)
Quinine tablets
Mar 5, 2015
... Hi there. Glad to hear something is working for you. My understanding is that quinine is a substance in the quinolone family and that quinolones are amazing dopamine agonists. ... (6 replies)

... It is common I am told by my Sleep doctor or RLS Specialist for restless leg syndrome to hit the genitals especially in women. I get it quite badly sometimes. ... (3 replies)
... is there anyone else who takes Mirapex for RLS and if so are they having any side effects? ... (0 replies)
Mirapex for RLS
Mar 9, 2014
... I've been taking Mirapex for several years, 4 a day. I wouldn't make it through the day or night without it. ... (1 replies)
... I know what you mean. I hope as I've said before in my few posts that there has to be a cure for rls. ... (13 replies)
... sorry if i made you think the fish oil was good for, i meant for the rls has only been helped with mirapex a parkinson drug. ... (13 replies)
... has anyone tried fish oil for insomnia? ... (13 replies)
... i have been taking mirapex for eight years and now its causing me to get about three hours sleep a nite. i wonder in taking melatonin will help but find the two are not to to be mixed. ... (13 replies)
Mirapex for RLS
Jan 2, 2014
... Been taking Mirapex since late Oct. Have been on 1mg for about a month or so now. Doing great falling asleep, but wake up some nights at 4 or 5 and can't get back to sleep many times. ... (1 replies)
... I thank everyone for all the info posted here. It helps all of us with our search for peace with this disorder. Lets keep it up.!!!!!!!!! ... (13 replies)
... for my severe RLS and Periodic Limb Movements. My RLS was a side effect of 4 strokes, as well as serious Central Sleep Apnea. ... (13 replies)
... Sorry about that, and thanks for the reply. I regret that so many people suffer from RLS, but find the info in this forum very helpful and encouraging. ... (13 replies)
... I think insomnia and rls go hand in hand. I know that when I can't fall asleep is when the rls kicks in. Try melatonin for a few nites and see if that helps. I know all too well how miserable nite time can be. ... (13 replies)
... I'm having the same problem with mirapex and insomnia. I don't know what to do about it. I go to sleep late, dream terrible dreams, wake up early and have to get up. ... (13 replies)
... I never asked about Mirapax. must have me confused with someone else. I have RLS but haven't taken any meds for it .......YET!!!!!!!!! ... (13 replies)
... awake and cannot stay in bed any longer. I am also gaining a lot of weight. I cannot bear the thought of trying to deal with rls without medication and don't know what to do next. I hope someone has good advice to offer. ... (13 replies)
... I just hate taking anymore drugs then I do, but thanx for the recomendation. I take bp, cholestrol and blood sugar drugs. Very low doses and adding anything else makes me crazy. ... (13 replies)
... I have taken fish oil for years and it hasn't made a change in my rls. I have tried everything known to man and still suffer. ... (13 replies)

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