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... Sometimes I look like I'm doing the "worm" dance when my abdomen is involved. When my arms go, I cannot tell you how many times I have hit my head or face. The jerks come at any time of day or night. ... (0 replies)
... e at night. I'm on a lot of meds due to Chronic Pain and I'm inclined to think the cause is the Methadone I take, because starting that was about the time these jerks started. I take 60 mg TID of the Meth, plus meds for sleep too. ... (3 replies)
I have the "Jerks"
Feb 23, 2005
... Hi Rlslifer, The most common opiates for causing RLS are Morphine and Methadone. It is at the higher doseages that the RLS symptoms (more accurately PLMD) appear. It is one of the reason that CPers take baclofen, even those whose CP is not the direct cause of muscle spasms. I used to take a vicodin every night with my Mirapex (1Mg) for my RLS. (27 replies)

I have the "Jerks"
Feb 17, 2005
... Destiny 1...To post, click on the post reply button and then type your response in there. When finished, click on submit response. Do you have a solution for my Jerking problem I have at night? I'd welcome any way you know of that would decrease or hopefully stop them. Unfortunately, with my chronic pain condition, any kind of solution can't include giving up pain meds.... (27 replies)
I have the "Jerks"
Feb 15, 2005
... surgeries. I can't recall if they started before or after the pain medications but I believe it was before. I know the " jerks" have kept me awake many times at night but I don't often get them during the day. I did discuss these "jerks" with my doctors and they assured me it was not due to my condition or drugs. ... (27 replies)
I have the "Jerks"
Jan 27, 2005
... Hi Director, There are many medications that can make RLS worse. If your moving that much at night, you may have PLMD as well as RLS. Many people report that a spouse or partner suffer far worse from the effects of Periodic Limb Movement Disorder than the person who has it. In this case, 2 things ............ 1. A memory foam mattress might help cut down the movement your... (27 replies)
I have the "Jerks"
Dec 30, 2004
... Amgoingtoheal, Hi, I'll try to answer a couple of your questions, if I can. The doctors, two of them told me they thought it was RLS. I have never been bothered with anything even close to this until I went on Methadone for my chronic pain. Although I am on a very high dose (180 mg a day), I was on high doses of Oxycontin too and didn't have this problem. I was taking 160... (27 replies)
... I have the jerks every night and several times through out the night. Some nights are better than others and recently I have woken myself with them. ... (27 replies)
I have the "Jerks"
Nov 24, 2004
... for them. Dr started me of at .125Mg but didn't really get any relief until I got to .5Mg nightly, right before bedtime. Finally found that by taking .5mg one night and then 1mg the next and kept alternating that way, the RLS and PLMD was gone. ... (27 replies)
I have the "Jerks"
Nov 21, 2004
... How often does this happen? Once a week? Once a night? Several times every night? (27 replies)
I have the "Jerks"
Nov 17, 2004
... patch. I, too, never experienced anything like it before. They have abated quite a bit since I have come off the narcotics, but I still do have some trouble at night and now suffer from chronic insomnia. ... (27 replies)
Apr 9, 2012
... eally badly. Not to the same extent, just enough to be irritating. When i do stretches it subsides for a while and never happens when I'm up walking around. Last night it was really bad. I kept waking up having to stretch my legs or move my feet and I would fall back to sleep. ... (2 replies)
... Mine i a lot similar ,my mom noticed when I was a teen , hard sleeping and sitting in class, not until I was in my early 40's was I given a sleep study and that's when they diagnosed it and I was prescribed requip 2 mg at night ,helped but made me dopey ,hated the way it made me feel, then I was prescribed cymbalta since I also had pain from spinal stenosis, my insurance will... (13 replies)
... Hi there ,I can sympathize with what you're going thru,I have had RLS all of my life,first noticed by my mom when I was in my teens, I am 59 so that's how long I've dealt with it, I was only diagnosed about 8 years ago because the doctors kept saying it was nerves , a sleep study revealed mine, since then my neuro has prescribed a dopomine (requip) some doctors hesitate to... (13 replies)
... When I mentioned my symptoms to my endocrinologist, he explained that I was retaining water. When you go from a vertical position to a horizontal position, the water moves to a "new level" and affects the nerves. He prescribed FUROSEMIDE which is a generic of LASIX. This seems to be helping me. Are you retaining water? You can tel by looking at you ankles after removing... (18 replies)
... and mirapex. Both helped a bit, but the side effects were horrible. I take a large dose of gabapentin, but most nights, I wonder why I take it. I also have my jerks day and night. ... (18 replies)
... I have tried hot baths before bed, walking at night and herbal sleeping pills and yet nothing has helped. I am slowly going mad with the lack of sleep. ... (18 replies)
... ********* post note**** caved in & took the mirapex after 8 ativan, I really cannot take it anymore. Am going to have a hot bath & pray that does the job. Anyone every been so wiped out on meds & still no relief? this is stupid..a nd am not repeating this nite! I have things to do with grandchildren today. god bless..hope all is doing better than i. thanks for listening (10 replies)
... Mirapex I thought was the answer to my prayers......wrong again Cher! worked great for a while, was able to stop using any other sleep aid. THEN daytime rls, worst thing.. the creepy crawlys' thing of the past or if i get em.. who cares.. the involuntary giant spasms / kicks in my legs and/or arms .. strange hand facial movements.. wow.. way too much. got so bad was taking it... (10 replies)
... the first night and has had no recurrence of the symptoms. ... (9 replies)

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