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Restless arms??
Oct 30, 2016
... Thanks for your reply. As I mentioned, I can't predict when it'll happen, due to that I don't want to spend money on tablets that will just end up lying around until I potentially, just so happen to get restless arms/legs one night. Do you know of anything at all that doesn't involve over the counter medication that may help? (4 replies)
Restless arms??
Oct 27, 2016
... it's a nightmare to settle down and stop fidgeting. My question is, does anyone know how to alleviate restless arms without medication? ... (4 replies)
... I have been "tortured" by restless legs and at times, restless arms also for a long time. Sometimes I would feel like I needed to move my whole body. ... (26 replies)

... Hi everyone, I'm really worried. I'm hoping there is such a thing as restless arm syndrome too! My left arm feels like it is "going numb" and I want to move it around all the time, just like restless legs feels! ... (3 replies)
Restless arms??
Oct 30, 2016
... Thank you for explaining. It definitely helps, I did not know that! (4 replies)
Restless arms??
Oct 30, 2016
... Our brains are anemic (no iron reserve), not really our bodies. We with RLS that is. That lack of iron has caused us to have a lousy dopamine transport system. The vast majority of the world can take melatonin, antidepressants and antihistamines and never feel so much as a twinge of RLS. We can't because those things compete with dopamine and we already have so little... (4 replies)
Restless arms??
Oct 30, 2016
... Take one 25mg capsule of ferrous bisglycinate on an empty stomach before bed. Get's rid of the RLS within 60 minutes. If you're taking antidepressants, antihistamines, melatonin, metformin, statins or calcium channel blockers, or even a big evening meal or lots of sugar alcohols (ie splenda) you may need to take two capsules. (4 replies)
... I am the same. If I am standing and working, my legs are not going crazy. The problem is that with my back and hips, I cannot stand for more than ten minutes at a time. I was on two Sinamet at bedtime and the doctor changed it to two during the day and two at bedtime. I hate to take too much meds but I'm desperate to get rid of the feeling of something crawling under my... (2 replies)
... tanyl patch 75mcg. I was in a fog all the time and fell asleep all over the place. The Fentanyl is for severe arthritis. With all this I still had pain and my arms and legs would jerk and flail during the night and sometimes in the daytime for eight to ten hours. That is why I fell into an exhausted sleep anywhere I was. ... (3 replies)
... are on pramipexole. I took that for a long time and found out that studies indicate that it augments the RLS. My RLS started manifesting during the day and my arms became involved. I had to wean off of the pramipexole and will never take it again. The withdrawal was horrible but necessary. I am currently taking Lyrica. ... (3 replies)
... while it may be rare, I have Restless Leg Syndrome up into my "body" as well. ... (10 replies)
... @Blacktea- I'm an extreme neewbie here but a long time sufferer (45 yrs). Reading your explanation of RLS was informative and much more understandable than any other I've read. Thank you for that. I find it interesting that you mention dopamine 'release' being triggered by iron, quinine, turmeric and potassium. Perhaps for me that is an issue as I am allergic to quinine & iron... (10 replies)
... well that could be me! another issue I have to deal with... I'll have to look into the potassium.I've also had the censations in my arms too when I get a really bad spell. ... (10 replies)
... Hmmm, so you're not taking any other, antacids, antihistamines, beta blockers? Any medical conditions besides RLS? Even obesity/overeating has been implicated with the onset and/or severity of RLS. Well, knowledge is power. So I'll pass along what I know and maybe you can figure out a way to improve your RLS enough to get more sleep. People... (10 replies)
... I have had an issue with restless arms for several years. I've tried every home remedy vitemins all of it. I've been to two doctors and told them what it was but they never prescribe anything. ... (3 replies)
... ther things. Have a great day. Also I have cramps which started in my toes and feet but has progressed all over my body. Lately I've done alot of yardwork and my arms stay in a cramp. Its so painfull. And Now..I'm getting numb tingling pain torture in my extremities. Not one hour goes by that I feel normal. ... (5 replies)
... Doc told me that the reason for my RLS was allergen related, stress, breathing. If I cant sleep I dont rest and muscles are tired, over time it can wreck me pretty good. I did a sleep study that put me on a CPAP machine, its basically a constant air pressure as I was not breathing right when I went to sleep in addition to the constant movements with the legs and arms. ... (10 replies)
... well I have been put on Ropinirole 0.5mg a night. After weeks of no sleep due to legs and arms having minds of their own, I have not had any restless arms or legs since day 1 of taking the drug, but I cannot sleep thru. Wake up every hour on the hour.... ... (2 replies)
... I suspect that I may have restless legs syndrome, I haven't seen anyone for it yet, so I don't have an actual diagnosis. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for the reply...what you mentioned about your sister...I definitely have the RLS all over the place especially in the pelvic area. But yeah the arms too, it's awesome. haha. I'm going to look up akathisia and see what that's all about. ... (3 replies)

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