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... I have had restless legs for 10 years and have tried many things. ... (3 replies)
Restless legs
Feb 8, 2015
... e then didn't . Then I was put on Miropex the. When it started not helping they increased the dose 2 at 2 and 2 at eve. It stopped working. Then I put the bar of soap under the sheets and a dr told me to take 1000mg of magnesium every eve. Well I've done much better. ... (0 replies)
Restless legs
Oct 19, 2012
... Anyone got any new remedies. Please not Magnesium (sure it works for some but not me) and please no soap or corks under the sheets :( I also do not want to go on Parkinson medication or Equip. Thanks just hoping someone has found a solution. All the best Locket :wave: (0 replies)

... Sleeping with two bars of unwrapped bath soap such as Dove or others will stop the restless legs. ... (1 replies)
Soap trick
Sep 22, 2011
... Years ago I finally realized I had RLS. At that time it went like this--you only had it in your feet or legs (that's why it is called Restless Legs Syndrome), pain was not associated with the feelings and the symptoms kept you awake, they never woke you up. Now we know that RLS can affect any and many body parts. You can have pain or no pain and yes, it can wake you up... (28 replies)
... Wow thanks, i shall certainly give them all a try. Although i'm not sure my nan will go for the soap between the sheets she will think i am winding her up!! ... (8 replies)
... w my doctor did and iron supplements didn't help me. I have since learned that researchers have found iron deficiencies in the brains of about 25 people who had restless leg syndrome....I certainly hope the doctors are prescribing iron tablets based on more scientific research than that one study. ... (8 replies)
... I am also interested in the bar of soap does that work? ... (8 replies)
... try a bar of soap in between the sheets (8 replies)
... I have tried OTC sleep aids, hot showers, excercise, and even the bar of soap under the mattress. This has got to be the most frustrating feeling in the world. ... (4 replies)
... Years ago I read about putting an unwrapped bar of soap between the sheets to help you sleep and to settle the restless legs. I just laughed and went on my merry way! ... (1 replies)
... between the sheets to relieve restless legs? ... (15 replies)
Restless legs
Oct 9, 2005
... Has anyone heard of this? Putting a bar of non-fragrant soap under the sheets near your feet. I read it in an doctor's column in a local newspaper. It didn't make much sense to me but I thought it couldn't hurt so I tried it and it has actually helped me. (7 replies)
... I heard of a way to help with RLS". I emailed some people about it and I think it is worth trying. I'd try it if I had restless legs. My mom does get help with clonazepam as I mentioned, but I'm going to tell her about the soap therapy too. ... (8 replies)
... Nice to know fistlin thanks. I get cramps in my legs what i do and it works for me is pinch my upper lip with my index finger and thumb and continue to press firmly untill the cramp goes away. You must do this right away before the cramp gets to good a start has never failed me yet. (5 replies)
I am amazed
Dec 5, 2011
... I have had a bar of soap under my bottom sheet for about 4 months now and have been sleeping like a baby. No more restless legs. I still can't get over it. I am still amazed! ... (5 replies)
Soap trick
Nov 5, 2011
... Restless makes it sound like my legs just want to take a leisurely stroll in the park!! ... (28 replies)
... My restless legs does feel like bugs crawling in or on your legs. I have it mainly in my calves. Another way I try to explain it is that I get a cringy feeling. ... (3 replies)
Nov 15, 2005
... when do you guys get restless legs? ... (0 replies)
Jerky legs
Nov 13, 2005
... First try soap under your sheet down by your feet at night. Sounds stupid but has worked for many, many people. ... (6 replies)

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