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... without getting RLS. See my post in 2015 "Diet Soda Caused my RLS". I haven't had RLS in several years. ... (1 replies)
... which is supposed to make RLS much worse than it has to be. ... (2 replies)
New to RLS
Aug 27, 2015
... I've been reading some very interesting posts on this site about RLS and suggest you do the same. ... (2 replies)

... I had RLS. In winter I cut way back or quit and the RLS was greatly reduced. ... (3 replies)
RLS Sufferers
Sep 21, 2013
... I am a 3rd generation sufferer of RLS and I bring you hope. I wont make you wait till the end so here it is... ... (0 replies)
Losing it from RLS
Jul 10, 2013
... I think there is a lot of different types of rls, but if it is true real rls syndrome and you have been diagnosed by a Dr, and seen a neurologist, which indeed you should then you will find it is a neurological problem and it does not have a lot to do with diet,but alcohol sends me up the wall,This terrible terrible disease gets worse with age and never goes away,so i hope u... (27 replies)
... When I tried requip, I vomited on the lowest, beginning dose. I just recently tried pramipexole and I got so depressed I couldn't function, and that was after just 2 doses. I have gotten some nhelp from Neurontin before, but even 100mg once at evening gave me such a morning hangover I lost 1/2 my day to grogginess. So I found out Neurontin comes in liquid form and I can take... (27 replies)
Is this RLS?
Mar 24, 2013
... an to rub it and when I rubbed it it HURT in that spot like I was pressing on a nerve. I don't understand what is going on. I drink a lot of water. I do have one diet pepsi around lunch but I try to avoid caffeine after 3 pm. In the morning I drink hot tazo tea but I have for years and never had this problem.. ... (5 replies)
RLS and diet
Feb 10, 2013
... augmentation it caused. I've had ferritin levels checked. I have used Magnesium in the past but not in conjunction with Calcium, I'll try it. I have been to the RLS website, each time I go there I leave disappointed because there is nothing new. ... (3 replies)
RLS and diet
Feb 10, 2013
... I have found that alcohol makes it much worse. I take calcium and magnesium before bed along with Sinemet. Current theory is that RLS is caused by dopamine deficiency, and there are some good antidepressant meds that enhance dopamine. ... (3 replies)
RLS and diet
Feb 10, 2013
... I have had RLS forever, it feels like, but it really has been about 20 years. I use 6mg Requip, 900mg Neurontin and 2 Vicodin regularly. ... (3 replies)
RLS and food
Nov 13, 2012
... I don't drink soda so I know that's not it. But very good advice because soda is horrible to drink regardless if it's diet or not. ... (6 replies)
RLS and food
Nov 8, 2012
... Took me years to figure it out, but I have ended my admittedly mild RLS by cutting out diet sodas. ... (6 replies)
RLS and food
Oct 12, 2012
... Thanks for the food info as well as your choices of foods to avoid. The high protein diet seems to help me with avoiding severe RLS, however I must experiment to find the foods to cut out. ... (6 replies)
Losing it from RLS
Oct 12, 2012
... I do gralise 600x3, clonzepam 1mg as needed, stretching, specific low carb diet, cpap, avoid allergens, no foods after 6pm. Thats what I do. Drink water, magnesium etc. Id get a refit on that mask if its bothering you. Maybe try a nasal or full face, switch em out? I make sure to clean my gear every week, I have pets and live in Texas,... (27 replies)
RLS and food
Oct 11, 2012
... trial and error that I cannot indulge in the things I used to. Now I take gralise 600x3 along with clonzepam every so often to get past the rough spots. Severe Rls here. ... (6 replies)
... I'm 66 and just started having RLS the last year. It wasn't often, maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Lately I've been working with a chiropractor for daily headaches and my RLS has flared up. ... (0 replies)
... trigger RLS but it is ultimately improper digestion. ... (0 replies)
... So, a few days ago I started a cleanse/detox/raw food diet. I'm eating veggies, fruits, nuts, 2 cups brown rice, and 2 eggs a day. Obviously my body is detoxing from refined sugar, processed foods, and chemicals that I usually get (even thought I generally do eat pretty healthy) Anyway, just yesterday I began feeling this weird icky feeling in my legs when I was sleeping.... (0 replies)
RLS when tired?
Mar 14, 2010
... I did a lot of research at one time on RLS and the theory seems to be that it is an inability of the black matter in the brain to absorb iron properly. ... (4 replies)

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